What are the buttons on the sleeves of a jacket really?

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It didn’t get away from you, the buttons are numerically on the sleeves of the suit jackets. For what benefit? Here is the beginning of the explanation.

Why are there so many buttons on the sleeves of suit jackets?

Buttons on the sleeves of a jacket

Buttons on the sleeves of the jacket. Source: spm

The presence of buttons on the sleeves of men’s jackets can be justified by several interpretations. Over time, the number of buttons has evolved according to the trends. In most cases, These buttons have no specific functions and are purely aesthetic. But in general, the presence of 2 buttons on the sleeve makes it possible to emphasize a more relaxed style when 4 buttons are used to emphasize a more classic style. So the number may vary depending on the moment and the occasion.

  • Buttons were part of the aristocratic dress


cufflink Source: spm

A photo of 10-year-old Louis XIII shows that the bottom of his sleeve has five large buttons lined up, as it might look today. The aristocratic dress of the time shows sleeves with a lapel with decorative buttons placed around the edge. Coat found in the Galera Museum, dating from 1660-1675, Features pleats with buttons Which is used to fix the painted lapel up. But most often, these buttons have only a decorative side. At present, cufflinks still do not have a specific function, and their presence is only an aesthetic. Thus, and in many modern jackets, the buttonholes are not perforated.

  • Fake buttons during World War II

Three buttons on the jacket sleeve

Three buttons on the jacket sleeve. Source: spm

Before World War II, tailors would put dummy buttons down the sleeves of jackets. In general, they had one or two of them and only some tailors set real tailors. In addition, the buttons under the sleeves of military jackets can indicate the rank of soldiers. You can see large golden motifs on the sleeve. So these buttons did not have a specific function. Legend has it that these decorations encouraged soldiers not to blow their noses with their sleeves. So it’s justFrom the 1980s, these functional buttonholes were placed at the bottom of the sleeves to maintain the lapel.

Now the sleeves of suit jackets are often decorated with four buttons depending on the range and model, they can be practical or decorative.

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