Did you receive this SMS? This is proof that the fraudster wants to empty your bank accounts

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What is this deception? How do you avoid falling into the trap? This is what we will discover in the following lines.

What exactly is a text message scam?

scam text messages

Fraudulent text messages. Source: spm

Be careful if you receive an SMS that appears to be coming from a delivery service, announcing that a package has been delivered. He simply , FromThe scam is so widespread, that the platform of the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI), has issued Warning about it.

This fraud was observed during the summer of 2022. In fact, the Cybermalveillance platform noticed huge SMS messages being sent to announce the delivery of a package. And therefore , crooks Sending fake text messages to their victims telling them they have a package Awaiting delivery and need to make urgent payment in order to receive it. To justify paying this amount, the scammers put up postage, customs or paying taxes, all with a link. By clicking on the latter, the victim falls into the trap. Since then, she is sent to a fake website with only one purpose, which is to collect her personal information as well as her bank data.

This scam can also take another form, By clicking on the attachment associated with the SMS, malware that allows recovery confidential datainstalled on the victim’s phone.

So, if you receive a text message with a link, never click on it.

Premium numbers, other scam text messages

Receiving a suspicious text message

Received a suspicious text message. Source: spm

Have you ever received calls or texts asking you to call your bank back in case of an emergency? Be careful, it is very likely that this is a scam. In fact, it is a fraudulent technique that encourages you to call premium rate numbers. In general, the criminals behind this fraud act as follows:

They call you and hang up the phone as soon as you answer.

· They send you an SMS informing you that there is a problem with your card or bank account and that you are obligated to contact your bank branch urgently.

If you find that the received call or SMS has not been charged, the number you are asked to call back, on the other hand, is subject to a fee. To remove any doubt, remember to send an SMS to 33700 or visit the website www.33700.frand follow the step-by-step reporting procedure.

After these reports, the operators start investigations with the companies involved. In the event that the latter appears to be resorting to fraudulent practicesso phone operators can Stop Use these excellent modified numbers. In addition, the latter has prepared a free option that makes it possible to block calls to numbers with premium rates.

Finally, you can always inquire with your telephone operator. Do not forget To warn those around you, whether the palace , From Old or frail about the risks scam messages.

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