Can you find the different apple in this picture?

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Quiz: Can you find a different apple?

An apple

Visual test – Source: spm

Fun and entertaining visual puzzles are sometimes seen as puzzles that cause a lot of trouble to internet users. These attention tests are very popular on social networks and come in various forms to attract more people. Usually the goal is to find a person, animal, object, number, bug, or defect in the photos.

To try to solve these visual tests, which determine your perceptual abilities, you should always focus as much as possible and try to answer the problem without going over the time limit. Here, in particular, the time given is only 30 seconds. It may seem like a long time, but for some people, this time will not be enough to find the solution. And for good reason, only 10% managed to find the famous apple.
As you can see in the picture, we have a bunch of red apples that are nibbled already. If you count it, you will find a total of 32 apples. But among the four and eight column rows, only one row stands out from the others in small details. It’s barely noticeable, of course, but there’s still a difference that you can detect if you have an observable ability.

Here is the solution to the test

For people with less visual training, this test can be too daunting. Since all types of apples look the same, it is very difficult to spot the small difference. But it is not impossible! If you can locate the intruder, we congratulate you on your keen sense of being watched.

Can’t find the difference? The apple in question is in the second row from the top and the second column from the right. Thus, the details appear in the drawn part. Check out this difference in the image below.

An apple

Visual test solution – Source: spm

How do you improve your attention?

In addition to regularly solving similar virus tests, we recommend that you include these monitoring games in your daily routine. For example, practice identifying certain details that you wouldn’t normally notice. Try to do this every day for at least a month. Likewise, feel free to play chess, puzzles, or other thinking games. It can help your brain function better on a daily basis.

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