Why is it not recommended to charge your phone in public places?

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Mobile phone with empty battery

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Beware of hackers: your smartphone can become an easy target

Cyber ​​security experts often warn users that there is a hidden danger when charging your cell phone in a public place. Of course, nowadays, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, train stations, airports and other places are equipped with USB ports to allow you to quietly charge your devices. But behind this convenience, there are risks that should not be overlooked. Indeed, you are revealing all your personal information stored in the mobile phone. You should know that these charging points are not secure. Computer security expert Drew Pike told CNN: If you connect your smartphone to a compromised power strip or charger, your mobile phone can get infected and this may put all your personal data at risk.Because public ports are often compromised, cybercriminals can spy on you, install malware (malware) or viruses on your device, recover your sensitive data (photos, videos, text, calendar, files, etc.) or access important content via apps. (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, etc.).

Know that hackers use fake cables and public USB ports on a regular basis. It is their malicious way to take over your devices, as they can copy your personal data, even your banking information. Experts’ warning should not be taken lightly: It’s best to get in the habit of not calling in public to avoid the risk.

External battery

External Battery – Source: spm

How does the battery not run out?

If your battery is low, the first thing to do is try to reduce your smartphone usage until you get home to charge it safely.

If you have an emergency, you can use your mobile data for a short while and turn it off immediately afterwards. Be aware that your mobile phone uses a lot of battery to update your location. So consider deactivating your location while you wait to go home.

It is best to have an external battery at all times. This way, you can recharge it at any time and you will avoid battery failure. Bet on a portable battery that will save you in this kind of situation!

NB: Many people have two cell phones. One is professional and the other is personal. This can also come in handy if one is discharged from the hospital, the other can take over.

Some tips to extend battery life

Most of the apps are known to consume a very high percentage of battery. The screen is also a big battery drain: the brighter the screen, the more likely it is that your device will quickly discharge. It is better to adapt it to your needs by reducing this brightness or adjusting the automatic brightness.

There are still other tricks to put in place:

  • Set the screen activation time to a maximum of 1 minute. After this time, the mobile phone screen will turn off.
  • Use Dark Mode especially in the evening or at night.
  • Turn off features you don’t use (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc.).
  • Restrict apps to take advantage of high battery usage.
  • Enable power saving mode.

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