This is the worst place to install a Wi-Fi router, it slows down your internet

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When we want to beat a slow Wi-Fi connection, we often tend to restart the router and it can work. However, the connection speed may still be low. Can we blame the hardware or the quality of the cables? Before contacting your ISP, be sure to check a few details: the solution might be easier than you think.

Find out now how to make your wifi connection speed faster with this simple action!

Where should you avoid placing a Wi-Fi router?

slow wifi connection

slow wifi connection. Source: spm

You greatly affect your router’s signal strength by placing it near a device that produces electromagnetic waves. It really is microwave oven. This device emits signals that can significantly disrupt the speed of your Wi-Fi connection and cause interference. And for good reason, it can use the same Wi-Fi frequency: 2.450 GHz.

Therefore, if your Wi-Fi router is close to this home device and you often have an unsatisfactory speed, consider moving it and away from this obstacle that blocks the waves of your Wi-Fi network.

Also be aware that mirrors and aquarium water can obstruct the passage of Wi-Fi waves, the water in the aquarium is an obstacle to the proper functioning of the network. Just as the metallic surface of mirrors interferes with Wi-Fi waves.

Caption: slow Wi-Fi speed

Caption: Wi-Fi speed is slow. Source: spm

Besides the location of the router, there are other ways to improve the speed of its wifi connection, thus increasing the range.

Secure your Wi-Fi access

We can never repeat it enough: you should pay special attention to the security of your home wifi. Otherwise, some people (neighbors, for example) will be able to take advantage of it, which will inevitably lead to slow connections wireless. To do this, go to the configuration panel of your box to set certain security parameters. You can read more about this topic by clicking on this link.

Change Wi-Fi Frequency

Do you have a modern internet box? It is therefore a “dual band” device: that is, it uses two frequency bands to propagate the signal. wireless around the house, i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The former was the only one at that time, and many of us experienced its common problems: interference from neighbors’ networks, disturbances caused by other connected devices, etc. So I prefer the 5GHz band, which is better in terms of throughput.

Manage devices connected to your Wi-Fi network

Some devices can connect to your wireless network: your computer, your kids’ game console, your family’s smartphones, your TV, connected watch, printer, etc. If your connection speed wireless Very limited and all these devices are connected to the network at the same time, this will greatly affect your wifi connection.

Well, you might think that it is very rare for these devices to use the connection at the same time. However, you should know that some of them do not hesitate to release updates at regular intervals, which leads to begging from the network, even if you are not using it. So this will have an effect on the connection speed.

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