The trick to multiplying the signal from the car antenna: Don’t interrupt the radio

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car antenna

car antenna – source: spm

You can no longer do without the antenna in your car!

We all know the importance of a car antenna. Far from being a superfluous accessory, as has been the case many decades ago, every driver today “needs” to listen to the radio, whether to know the traffic, to get news updates, to follow cultural programs or simply to listen to music! But it turns out that some particular antennas also have a hidden function.

After a few years and especially with wear, the car antenna is damaged or it works less well. Of course, you can go to a professional workshop to replace your antenna. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have an all-new, fully functional device. However, if you want to save some money, you can also replace it yourself by buying a new one in any specialty store, physical or online.

You should know that there is one that has an attractive shape, remarkable efficiency and has, in addition, very interesting functions. As we have already seen the hidden function of the seat belt, now we will discover the function of this car antenna together.

shark fin car antenna

Shark fin car antenna – Source: spm

Zoom in on this specific model with an unexpected function

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the type of antenna you are going to buy is fully compatible with your car! Once the verification is done, you can choose among the different types of antennas on the market. In addition to the classic universal antenna, which is compatible with all cars, it is good to know that there are also various other models. We will now discuss the properties and functions of a very special antenna, having the shape of a shark’s fin, which is aptly called a “shark fin”. Its minimum cost is about 15-20 euros and will perfectly adapt to the model and color of your car.

This antenna has become more widespread and proudly imposes itself on the roofs of many cars. It actually entices drivers with its elegant touch and aesthetic line. But not only ! Because, in fact, it is above all an amplified antenna which makes it possible to increase the signal strength up to 2 times compared to a conventional antenna. Thus, higher amplification makes it easier to pick up the signal, avoiding all kinds of annoying interference!

In addition to the aesthetic factor, this greater signal amplification provides a significant advantage over the general antenna. In order to personalize their car and benefit from a high-quality signal at a relatively fair price, drivers have a field day!

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