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If the drain in your shower, bathtub, or tub is gurgling, you must act as quickly as possible to avoid some very costly repairs. How do we explain this noise? How to behave? Should you call a plumber? Or are there tricks to overcome this problem? Explanation.

Let’s find out the solution that will beat the gurgling sounds that are emanating from your drains.

Why does the gurgling sound come from the drain?

clogged shower drain

Clogged shower drain. Source: spm

If hair, dirt, or suds clog your shower drain, they slow or stop the flow of water completely. since then, Air bubbles form, causing a gurgling noise in your tubes.

If you find the problem in sinks and basins, consider disassembling and cleaning the siphon. Also know that using corrosive sewage cleaners is not always the right solution. usually Sticky and aggressive, these The latter can change not only the seals, but also the inner coating of the pipes.

Gargling drains: tips to fix them

clogged kitchen sink

clogged kitchen sink; Source: spm

You can unclog drains using some of the products you will find at home.

Baking soda and vinegar to unclog drains

In fact, thanks to the mixture of baking soda and vinegar, you will be able to get rid of the residue and dirt clogging the drain. to do this, MMix the two ingredients and when you see a fizz as a chemical reaction, pour the solution down the drain followed by of boiling water In order to remove the remaining residues.

Baking soda and salt to open drains

Here’s another kit that will get rid of debris clogging the drain in your tub, shower or bathtub. Mix the two ingredients and pour them down the drain. Leave it for 20 minutes, then pour very hot water down the drain.

Dish soap to open drains

Over time, grease can easily build up in the plumbing, clogging the drain. To remedy this, simply use a product that is usually located near the sink, which is dishwashing liquid. To do this, first fill the kettle with water and heat it to a boil. Then remove standing water from the sink. Now pour a large amount of dishwashing liquid in the pelvis. Leave the soap working for several minutes until it reaches the stopper. Finally, pour hot water down the drain to flush it. Note that getting rid of accumulated fat may take longer than expected.

Wire coat hanger method for unclogging drains

CLASSIC BUT EFFECTIVE: Wire hanger technology can really eliminate drain residue. To do this, take a regular wire hanger and straighten it as much as possible while keeping the hook at its end intact. Now put the end of the hook into the drain, rotating it as you go. as soon as you feel Some resistance, wiggle the hanger until the dirt clogs and the drain comes out. Moreover, you must strictly apply this method. By squeezing the hanger, you risk pushing the plug a little bit into the tube and only making the situation worse.

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