How to make perfume last longer?

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Known as “Vaseline” or “Vaseline”, Vaseline is a true beauty ally that is incorporated into your daily care. Check out three amazing uses for this key product.

What are three unusual uses for Vaseline?

petroleum gel

vaseline. Source: spm

Vaseline is a true ally of beauty. By incorporating it into your daily beauty routine, you will take care of your face and body. But you can use it another way!

  • Vaseline to amplify the scent of your perfume

put on perfume

Put on perfume. Source: spm

Perfume adapts best to the skin when it is completely damp. The oily substance captures the scent of the perfume And it allows you to keep your skin fragrant for long hours. Therefore, you can use Vaseline. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the The places where you usually spray your perfume. FifthYour perfume will last all day.

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vaseline. Source: spm

Moreover, Vaseline can become a true ally For your makeup, hair or even facial care. Find out how with these tips.

  • Vaseline as an eyebrow fixer

You can use Vaseline to fix your eyebrows. To do this, apply a little Vaseline to the eyebrow brush and comb it. It will define well and will stay in place all day.

  • Vaseline makes hair shiny

petroleum gel Helps strengthen hair and make it shiny while moisturizing dry ends. Apply it like a conditioner that you leave on for a few minutes and then rinse with clear water. You can also use it to protect your skin if you are coloring hair. Protect your skin by applying it Vaseline on the temples and forehead To avoid any danger of coming into contact with the chemical.

Other beauty tips with Vaseline

  • Vaseline peel

Combined with sugar, Vaseline removes dead skin and You find soft and hydrated skin. Do this homemade scrub once a week to keep the skin smooth.

  • Remove makeup with Vaseline

With its moisturizing ability and high fat content, Vaseline is a very effective makeup remover. Using a cotton ball, apply Vaseline to your face to remove all traces of makeup, then wash your face as usual.

Thanks to its texture and moisturizing power, Vaseline can be used daily. Do not lose sight of this practical product, which can become a true beauty asset.

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