Always keep paper in the car: you’ll need it when it’s cold

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A paper journal can have different functions. Some use it to clean windows and mirrors in the house or otherwise to absorb refrigerator moisture and unpleasant odors from food. Others cherish these large sheets in their garage or in their car.

Why do you keep the newspaper in the car?

If you have newspapers that you no longer read or are around your house, it would be a shame to get rid of them. Instead, keep some scraps in your car to give them a second life.

  • Clean the window mist when it’s cold with newspaper


newspapers. Source: spm

To drive your car in good conditions, the windshield and rear windshield should always be kept clean. In the same way, all other windows must be cleaned to ensure a good view of the occupants. So it is enough to use the right accessories to wipe it as well as use the best products. Like the microfiber cloth, newspaper is the least aggressive solution for this type of surface. For sparkling windows, first mix dishwashing liquid with hot water, adding a small amount of white vinegar. After spraying the solution on the windows, rub the surface with newspaper. Then rinse with clean water using a soft mop to remove excess water. For best results, wipe windows with newspaper. Drying with newspaper balls is recommended due to the lint-free nature of the paper and the polishing effect of the ink.

Other tips for cleaning car windows with newspapers

Cleaning windows without leaving streaks can be a daunting task. Besides using dishwashing liquid, there are other techniques that require the use of newspaper. All of them are equally effective and can overcome all stains, even the most difficult.

  • Wash car windows with white vinegar

White vinegar spray solution

Spray solution based on white vinegar. Source: spm

You can use white vinegar to clean car windows. This product will quickly remove dust or tree sap stains. Simply mix 250ml of white vinegar in a spray bottle with 750ml of lukewarm water. Then spray the solution onto the glass surfaces and then rub the windshield and windows with a crumpled newspaper page, using circular motions. Then dry it with a new sheet. By doing this, you will remove all traces of dirt on the windows. Note that this trick will prevent insects such as flies or spiders that cannot tolerate the smell of vinegar.

  • Clean car windows with lemon juice

The properties of lemon are no longer presented in terms of cleaning. used sOn windows, the latter will remove fingerprints or any other stain on windows. To do this, mix the following ingredients in a bowl:

  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Half a cup of white vinegar.
  • 1 liter hot water.

Then scrub the windows with a soft sponge dampened with this solution, and then use a newspaper or rag to wipe them. This natural glass cleaner will provide you with an aromatic and effective result, especially by fighting against fingerprints.

Tips for successfully cleaning car windows

Car window cleaning

Car windshield cleaning. Source: spm

During cleaning, it is not recommended to use ammonia-containing glass cleaners. In fact, this substance can damage certain surfaces of the car such as vinyl, tinted windows, leather or rubber. Choose natural solutions instead. For shiny, bright windows, use microfiber towels or newspaper. This will also prevent scratches from forming on the glass. One last tip: Avoid direct contact with sunlight while cleaning. The rapid evaporation of cleaning products can leave traces on the windows.

As you can see, newspaper can be an excellent cleaning tool. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, maintaining your car windows is above all a matter of safety and visual comfort.

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