Why is it smart to apply Nivea cream to the steering wheel?

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Car steering wheel: how to take care of it?

Hold the steering wheel

Installing a car steering wheel – Source: spm

Leather steering wheels are very popular. To keep them in good condition, they should be cleaned and taken care of, although not to overuse chemical cleansers, to avoid drying out your skin. If the steering wheel looks more damaged than the seats in the cabin, this is mainly due to oily secretions from the skin and sweat. These are harsh agents that damage leather and generally make car upholstery look dull and dirty.

After countless trips, it’s normal for a steering wheel to lose its shine, crack or even rip in the worst case. To protect it effectively, just get a steering wheel cover, it’s the most obvious solution. It is necessary to give preference to the one that guarantees excellent adhesion. However, many drivers prefer the original car steering wheel, claiming that the cover is too thick, gets dirty quickly and is difficult to clean.

Then there’s another quick and easy way to protect your steering wheel: sun visors. Every car should have one especially in the hot summer. Not only to maintain the steering wheel, but also to protect all other components of the car that can be easily damaged by excessive temperatures.

Why use Nivea cream on the steering wheel?

Leather car steering wheel

Leather car steering wheel – Source: spm

So what is the best solution to revive the leather steering wheel? If you are looking for an alternative to the classic but expensive products, there is a universal remedy you would never have considered. This is the famous Nivea cream, which is famous for its moisturizing properties. Its dexpanthenol-based formula is known to relieve and soothe dry, rough skin. Usually, it is used for the hands, face or body.

But this little blue box has other unexpected advantages. Did you know, for example, that it is particularly suitable for cleaning leather. Some gladly use it to polish their shoes, bags, jackets, or even their leather furniture. The trick seems unusual and unusual, but it has proven itself. The material regains all its luster and suppleness from yesterday!

Certainly, to protect the steering wheel from wear and corrosive agents, there are special cleaners that are able to remove dirt, preserve leather and get rid of unpleasant odors from your car. Know that it is not economical. If you want to cut costs, why not choose Nivea Creme Skills? The method is very simple: take a damp cloth, apply a little cream (not so much so as not to grease) and gently wipe the steering wheel. Then wipe again with a dry cloth to remove excess cream and prevent the steering wheel from slipping. There you go: in a few minutes, your steering wheel will be transformed, looking so clean and shiny to perfection!

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