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What are the best types of cheese to use in pizza?

What are the best types of cheese in pizza?

Pizza Slice – Source: spm

For the majority of people, cheese remains an essential ingredient in pizza. But in order for the recipe to be perfect, you still have to choose the right type of cheese. And as much as we say you are spoiled for choice: hard cheese, soft cheese, loosened crust, ripe or not, thawed, fresh … How do you sort it all out? Great Italian chefs have their favorites and little secrets to spice up their pizza.

One important thing to remember: when combining ingredients, it is recommended to focus on contrasts in texture and flavor. For example, if you want to add hard cheese to your pizza, the chefs advice is to grate it and combine it with a softer type, in higher doses. Mixing the textures of different types of cheese and adding them to other ingredients gives pizza a unique taste.
Here are the types of cheese recommended by professionals:

Mozzarella slices – Source: spm

Top chefs generally use mozzarella to achieve the perfect taste and nice moist texture. Admittedly, it is normal for cheeses to release some fat when exposed to high temperatures. But this can affect the final aroma, look and taste of the recipe. As you know, there are different types of mozzarella on the market. It is up to you to choose the best quality so as not to go wrong. Thus, this cheese can make your pizza very tasty with a texture that is not oily and very pleasant to the palate.

Parmesan cheese is very popular in Italy: it is slightly spiced and intensely tasty, with a very characteristic taste. For lovers of this wonderful cheese, there is no need to combine it with another. On the other hand, for those who want to reduce its intensity, it is possible to mix it with mozzarella (grated or small pieces) or any other soft cheese.

If you want to combine it on top of the pizza, it’s best to grate it so it melts evenly. This will give you a smooth golden crust all over the surface of the pizza. The little extra thing: Feel free to season it with basil, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes. Your pizza will delight all taste buds!

An alternative to mozzarella and parmesan cheese? If you want to change up tastes, bet on Quality to make a recipe full of personality. It’s also a delicious and inexpensive option. Chefs have also praised this cheese. Not least because it melts easily and goes well with traditional Italian pizza. Feel free to test the smoked version of Gouda, which is often used in hot preparations. Your pizza will have a more delicate and flavourful taste.

Some people can’t stand the strong smell, but others are irresistibly drawn to blue cheeses like Roquefort or Bleu d’Auvergne. And that’s okay, because gorgonzola is still one of the best pizza cheeses. Imagine “4 cheeses” without this blue-veined cheese, it would be very sad! Because it is he who gives it a touch of exquisite elegance. If you want to seduce the most discerning palates, chefs recommend incorporating gorgonzola or Roquefort into your pizza dough.

In general, this cheese should be grated and sprinkled over the dough, adding more mozzarella or any other type of soft cheese.

Roquefort, in particular, has a very salty and strong taste. It goes well with watercress, and it is also a classic among Italians.

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