This mistake that most people make causes heat loss and increases heating bills

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Maintaining an ideal temperature in our home will undoubtedly be one of our main concerns this winter. Investing in a smart thermostat might actually be a good idea, but not everyone can afford it. However, some simple and inexpensive tricks can be very helpful. By applying it on a daily basis, it will greatly improve the heating performance.

Should the doors be left closed or open when the heating is on?

To deal with the winter cold, special attention should be paid to the ventilation of the rooms. Contrary to popular belief, it is not mandatory to close all the doors for heating to be more efficient.

  • Leaving the doors open ensures better heating efficiency

Bedroom door open

The bedroom door is open. Source: spm

One of the main concerns regarding the use of heating relates to the diffusion of heat within the home. Some people claim that leaving the interior doors of the house closed helps to keep the heat inside the rooms better. This makes it possible to reduce air circulation in the house and reduce the number of rooms for heating. However, when these openings are closed, the circulating air inside the room is also trapped. So he will seek to “escape” by sneaking under doors or any other opening. It will then be replaced, creating continuous drafts inside the house. So this airflow will have an effect on the ambient temperature and your heating efficiency. If, on the contrary, If you leave the doors open, heat will be able to circulate more freely throughout the house. It is also possible to keep some unused rooms closed to reduce the feeling of cold in certain areas of the house.

Other tips to ensure better heating performance

As you understand, leaving the doors closed is not always a good idea, if you want your home heating to be more efficient. Therefore, other measures can be taken to help you stay warm during the winter. Here are a few.

  • Reduce drafts to improve heating performance

Put the putty around the window frame

Put the putty around the window frame. Source: spm

Besides the interior doors of the house, the exterior openings can also be a problem. Before using heating in winter, remember to check that there is no space around the window frames and the main door of your home. If it is sealed poorly, it can cause air leakage which leads to significant heat loss. To remedy this, it will be possible to install metal, foam or silicone caulking joints.

  • Set the thermostat to the correct temperature

For better heating performance, it is not recommended to run it at full speed. To heat your home perfectly, the best thing you can do is set it at 17°C at night and 20°C during the day. Some smart devices can be installed to ensure convenience and economy. These programmable thermostats have a default setting. This way, they can automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day.

  • Keep heating until its performance is perfect

If you are not aware of this, then know that the efficiency of heating also depends on its maintenance. This procedure should be carried out regularly to allow the device to distribute heat properly and evenly. To do this, wipe all accessible surfaces of the device. For the more difficult, a vacuum cleaner or coolant brush and a little soapy water will do.

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