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How to speed up the speed of the Internet router connection?

A Wi-Fi connection is an important part of a home LAN, especially when using tablets, smartphones, and other wireless devices in your home such as smart home devices.

Wi-Fi is currently the fastest and most stable way to access the Internet. Every day, more and more individuals and companies have this connection and the operators are offering very high speeds. However, here’s what to know if you’re having problems calling home.

Check the place and year of manufacture of your router

Wi-Fi router on the table – Source: spm

If you suddenly start having problems with your internet connection, the easiest solution is to think about when you bought your router. If it’s been five years or more, it probably can’t maintain a fast internet connection and just needs to be replaced. If you just bought it, think about where you want to install it. Correctly chosen position of the router significantly affects the signal strength.

If you leave it in the corner of one of the outside rooms, you may not have enough signal in another room of the house. The ideal placement of the router is approximately in the center of the house, in an elevated position. A high position is good because Wi-Fi routers tend to broadcast the signal down. In other words, if you place it close to the ground, you reduce the area covered by the signal.

Another trick to get rid of problems with a slow Internet connection is to set the antennas of the router correctly (if it has external antennas). Ideally, you should orient them perpendicular to each other, that is, one be in a vertical position and the other in a horizontal position. Also make sure that your internet connection is not being used by your neighbors without your knowledge, to find out? Follow the steps in the following article.

Finally, check that your computer is not infected with a virus (run a virus scan on your computer) or install an antivirus if it is not.

Check your router frequency

Connect to Wi-Fi – Source: spm

Once you position your router correctly with the antennas pointing the right way, you should gain speed. However, sometimes these measures alone are not enough. If you’re still having trouble connecting, find out what frequency your computer or phone is using and what your router is running on. There are usually two to choose from.

To reduce internet outages, consider switching your router to 5GHz instead of 2GHz (which is the most used). A congested duct can also be a problem (especially if you live in an apartment building or in a city). Some routers automatically select the least busy channel during setup. However, you can also make the change manually using special software.

You can significantly speed up the Internet with powerline network cards (adapters), which you can use especially in a large house or apartment. Their installation is simple and they are much appreciated thanks to their special price.

If none of these tips help you get a good connection or get rid of Wi-Fi outages, your only solution is to contact your ISP to either fix your device or order a newer one.

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