How do you scare a cat from you?

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It is often an achievement to try to prevent certain cats from entering the house or other place. In this case, there is no need to use drastic means to drive them away or prevent them from approaching you.

A cat playing in the garden

A cat playing in a garden – Source: spm

How do you scare cats?

If you can’t stand the presence of cats and want to keep them away, NotFeel free to try all of these methods to determine which one is most effective.

Scare the cats with water

If you want to chase a cat away from a certain area or keep it away from you, you can always keep a water spray bottle handy. Therefore, spray the cat every time he approaches to scare him.

Deter the cat from approaching by covering the surface with aluminum foil

Covering the area with aluminum foil prevents the cat from getting close to it. The texture of the latter will annoy the animal, pushing it back. Feel free to use this technique if the cat gets a little too close to your pantry.

Use the repellent properties of essential oils to keep cats away

lemon oil

Lemon Oil – Source: spm

Cats cannot tolerate certain smells, Those found in citrus fruits, lavender and lemon in particular. So you can use it in the form of essential oils, by spraying it on your furniture or household appliances, so that cats do not approach them and move away from you.

Repel cats by giving them more space

If you don’t want a cat to invade your space, Think of keeping another one that’s more comfortable for him, and of course he’ll end up with it. To do this, put a warm, fluffy blanket inside a box and put some catnip on it. The latter will instinctively be attracted by this space you have reserved for him.

How do you keep cats out of the garden?

If you have a garden and You don’t want to be invaded Homeless cats, Here’s how to get rid of them naturally:

Do not leave any food residues that may attract cats

Stray animals usually sneak into the garden because they discover there is food nearby. Avoid leaving leftovers in your garden. And don’t forget to cover the trash cans.

Repel cats with mulch

You can supplement your garden mulch with citrus peel, pipe tobacco, or ground coffee. They are natural repellents, which will not only keep cats away, but also nourish your soil.

Keep cats away with ultrasonic pest repellent

Feel free to prefer this technique when you do not have pets at home. This device emits ultrasonic waves, which greatly annoy cats. The latter will not hesitate to flee as soon as he hears them. Note that the human ear does not distinguish these ultrasounds. In addition, this device is also effective against all kinds of pests.

By practicing one of these tricks, you will be able to catch and scare the cats away, especially if you can’t stand their presence.

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