Disable this feature to keep the phone charged for longer: Here’s the trick

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Phones continue to get faster and smarter as each update is followed by a plethora of new features that make life easier. But these features and certain usage habits ultimately lead to reduced battery life.

Due to several factors, smartphones can drain quickly. In fact, many gestures and applications contribute to its rapid exhaustion. Also, there are features that many of us forget to turn off when we are not using them.

Use the smartphone

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Disable this phone feature so that it stays charged longer

A simple method can help you keep your phone on for longer than usual. This is simply made up To deactivate the subtitle option because it is not always used. When activated, it constantly drains your smartphone battery.

Smartphone location option

Smartphone location option – Source: spm

Some apps require location service like travel or dating apps and many others like Google Maps. But what few people know is that this feature consumes a large amount of energy. Hence the benefit of disabling it if you are not using it.

Also note that your phone’s settings give you the option to activate location services for the apps of your choice. So make sure to disable the service for the ones you won’t use. If you plan not to use anything, simply deactivate the function directly via the quick access of your phone. Just like you would with airplane mode, wi-fi, or a flashlight.

Other tips to conserve your phone battery

If your battery is running out quickly, other tips may extend the life of your phone.

  • Change your phone screen settings

Your phone’s battery is primarily used to power the screen, and that’s absolutely true as it’s getting increasingly bigger these days, more efficient and brighter. in settings, Reduce its brightness and schedule it to turn off after 30 seconds.

  • Turn off your phone’s vibration

Although you might think that the vibrate function is less energy consuming than ringtones, it is actually the opposite. Remember to turn off the vibrator Leave a low volume for tones.

Although the silent mode is not ideal, it consumes less battery but this is generally known information. You will not hear any calls or texts, but, as they say, in tatters, in dire straits.

  • Remove background apps from your phone

Even after closing the apps, you may be surprised to find that many of them continue to run in the background. They also continue to drain power from your device, so consider deleting them permanently if you don’t plan to use them.

  • Don’t use the voice command on your phone

A man uses voice commands on his phone

A man using a voice command on his phone – Source: spm

Another feature responsible for rapid phone battery drain is the voice control feature offered by assistants like Siri for iPhone, Google Now for Android, and Cortana for Windows. Prefer to use Google search engine directly Instead of using this power-hungry job.

  • Do not leave your phone in direct sunlight

Not only can sunlight affect the efficiency of the battery, but it can also heat it up while causing the device to increase brightness to make the screen more visible. If battery operation can be affected, it is because it is made of lithium-ion material, which is designed to operate at a temperature just below room temperature.

Apply these tips and methods and you will be surprised to find that your battery will last much longer than usual.

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