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What is the purpose of the button on the handle of a car? It has an unknown function but it is very useful

Today’s cars are equipped with a range of technologies that make our lives easier. However, many drivers do not know all the subtleties. Unless you take the time to read the instruction manual. However, it must be recognized, many people ignore it. Take, for example, have you noticed a small button on the driver’s door handle? These details may have escaped you, while they will be especially useful to you in this type of situation. Find out how this button, found on many car models, works.

How to use the keyless entry button?

Open the car door – Source: spm

Most modern cars have a small square-shaped button on the door handle, no, it is not a decorative element, but rather has a specific purpose. As part of the car’s keyless entry system, this button is connected to the key’s remote control. Note that for the central locking system, car manufacturers use a technology where the remote control generates a different code each time you use it.

Also, instead of wasting time digging in your pockets or emptying your wallet to find the ignition key that will unlock the car, simply press the SKS (Smart Key System) button on the door handle. You may not have been aware of this yet, but pressing this button informs the system that it will immediately check for your key to be near the vehicle (generally less than 30cm away). If the entry system detects the correct signal, the door will open automatically. Obviously, if your key isn’t there, the door won’t open!

Also, when you get out of the car, you don’t need to use the key to unlock the doors. All you have to do is close the door and press this famous button. In some cases, when leaving the car, the car locks up by itself after a few seconds when walking away.

The principle is the same for keyless operating systems. By pressing the Start / Stop button on the car, the signal will be activated, and if the ignition key is nearby, the car will start automatically. Note that some cars may have keyless entry but not keyless entry, or vice versa.

Of course, for experts in automotive technology, all this information is not new, it has been acquired by and large for a long time. But, some people may not have recognized all the elements that make up their new car yet. Therefore, the details of the small button on the door are far from careless. From now on, it will save you from wasting time looking for your keys!

Is keyless entry absolutely necessary?

Open the car – Source: spm

Keyless entry and start systems are of course very practical, but they are far from essential characteristics. Although they make getting into and starting your car a lot easier, they are not foolproof and can cause some problems.

For starters, if the battery in your keychain is drained, it may lock without warning. In fact, it can make getting into or starting your car very difficult. So remember to recharge it regularly. Especially since the low battery warning is not regular in all cars.

Finally, there is the issue of cost. While many expensive cars have a track record of features as standard, cheaper models usually only have keyless entry/start as expensive options, if at all.

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