There is a drastic change in the lives of these zodiac signs: they didn’t expect it

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Mercury faces Pluto on October 27 and pushes the signs of the zodiac to put their ideas at the service of their projects. In addition, these star positions will affect the signs in a negative way.

What are the signs of the zodiac that will see changes soon?

By the end of October, the signs of the zodiac will change their lives dramatically. But these changes It wouldn’t be suitable for some natives of the zodiac. During this Scorpio seasonAnd the These marks should work on the shadow side. Furthermore, with the eclipse of October 25 in Scorpio, the signs will cleanly wipe their pasts to enter A new six-month course. They will have to face their fears and trust the unknown. On October 27, Mercury encounters Pluto and intensifies its reflections and exchanges with others. They will question everything and proceed to introspection.



Aries. Source: spm

Aries may face their own fears during the season of Scorpio and eclipses in this water sign. They will find it difficult to set boundaries at work or with others. They work hard To earn a living and have a better relationship with their partner. However, they can encounter struggles, problems, or quarrels… which will derail Aries from their usual course. They will go through a very dark period that will prompt them to radically change their lives. they go Having to change jobs and move So as not to communicate with people who harm them. They will have to escape from someone abusing their power To live a calmer life. This period will invite them to realize some of their problems, their suffering and their drama to finally move forward and move on. Scorpio escorts Aries through the dark and uncertain tunnel to a new state of mind.



Aquarius. Source: spm

Aquarius will also see unfortunate moments during this Scorpio season. They will experience major negative changes and will have a hard time surviving. they go Engage in introspection Which leads them to question everything and want to make changes in their lives. Aquarius He will tend to change jobs and change career paths. This transition will be very difficult because they will face a long period of unemployment and may face financial difficulties. The residents of this air sign will be ready professional retraining By setting aside their passion in order to expand their field of work. These changes will upset them because they are not at all what they had planned in their lives.



Pisces. Source: spm

Pisces will also go through a rather difficult period during this new cycle. They will be influenced by the transformative energy of Scorpio and will want to radically change their lives. Residents of this water sign will want to gain self-confidence by resuming sports and a balanced diet. They will turn towards more natural solutions in order to live a healthier life. On a professional level, they can experience a 180°C rotation that leads them to it New choices and important decisions. these changes It will be very difficult For Pisces who don’t like to change up their routine often. They will be terrified by these novelties and will find it difficult to adapt to these changes.

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