The trick is to dry clothes quickly and only spend 30 cents on electricity

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The trick to drying clothes for just a few cents

To dry the laundry

To dry the laundry. Source: spm

In fact, there are types of dehumidifiers (DeLonghi brand, for example) He managed to dry laundry, given his ability to do so Remove moisture and allergens fromclothes s. Thanks to their energy-saving design, these dehumidifiers are more economical than clothes dryers.

to dry your clothes, Direct the airflow that the machine pushes towards the laundry. So the laundry will dry faster..

From an accounting point of view, assume that your dehumidifier consumes 0.30 kWh, the Base TTC (EDF) option price is 0.1740 € (price on October 31, 2022) and that you use your device for 6 hours, Drying your clothes will only cost you 30 cents!

Other tips for drying laundry

Laundry that dries

Laundry drying. Source: spm

In addition to the dehumidifying trick, there are other ways to dry laundry faster.

Spin the wash by hand: To reduce the drying time, it is important not to skip the juicing stage. Before you put your clothes on the drying rack, don’t forget to squeeze them out to extract all the water they contain.

Use a bath towel: In order to perfectly spin your laundry, the bath towel technology will be practical and effective. To do this, put the linen on a large bath towel, roll it up, and press firmly. In this way, the water in the clothes will be absorbed.

Avoid damp rooms: Do not hesitate to to dry Your laundry is in a less humid room in your home. You can also leave the windows open so the clothes can dry faster.

Do not fold clothes: Take the time to properly arrange your clothes and avoid folding them to save space. Consider using clothespins or hangers to hang pants, shirts, or T-shirts without having to fold them.

space out The Laundry : To get rid of all the water in your linen, feel free to make room for your clothes when you put them on the drying rack. You can also leave a free row between the different fabrics to help them dry.

Remove dry clothes as you go: It is important to remove dry clothes gradually in order to free up space on the drying rack.

Avoid the bathroom: Many people think the bathroom is the perfect place to dry clothes. In fact, this room can heat up quickly and the drying rack may not weigh anyone down. Error, Regard In fact, it is the wettest room in the house. Therefore, avoid drying laundry in this room of the house..

Can we dry our clothes outside in winter?

Dry clothes outside

Dry the clothes outside. Source: spm

During the winter period, when it is very cold and we hesitate to leave our homes, we rarely think about drying our clothes outside. Be aware, however, that it can be practical. In fact, when the temperatures drop, you can leave the laundry to dry outside. The latter will freeze, and then, once inside, the water will evaporate without turning into a liquid again. On the other hand, The ozone in the outside air is ideal for getting rid of bacteria that can build up in laundryduring drying.

Finally, if you have a sheltered loggia or balcony, you can Put the drying rack there in winter, even on rainy days or the cold. Note, however, that excess moisture in the air may delay the drying of the laundry.

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