November is off to a bad start for this zodiac sign, so here are two more signs you will taste happiness

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On a romantic level, we already feel the influence of the stars at the beginning of November. When there is passion and love in the show for some, the atmosphere will be eventful for others. With the full moon in Taurus, the energies will be intense, romantic and sensual for some, but sometimes noisy and destructive for others.

What are the love predictions for each zodiac sign?

At the beginning of November, planetary conditions concentrate their power around the three signs of the zodiac. For one of them in particular, the period will not be particularly favorable for passion.




The Aries sign is likely to make important decisions in their lives as a couple. However, he should not let himself be overwhelmed by anxiety. In order to make the best decision for his future. This can be related to the decision to marry or separate.

the Bull

The sign of Taurus can allow routine to settle in a couple. This Earth sign will then have to redouble their efforts to break their last habits. He can then suggest new activities to his other half, such as going to the theater, spending a night in a hotel, or signing up for a dance class.


Happy Gemini

Twins. Source: spm

A pleasant start to the month awaits Gemini. He begins to appreciate some qualities in his partner. Single, on the other hand, will strive to meet new people. He will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the full moon to fully experience new love experiences.


From the beginning of November, A Cancer sign risks making a drastic decision that will make him suffer. However, by keeping your feet on the ground and listening to your partner, the latter will be able to maintain affection and have a positive outlook on their life as a couple.


happy lion

Lion. Source: spm

The sign of Leo will be able to exploit certain signs of the stars at the beginning of the month. They are endowed with great intuition, The latter will be able to detect the bad intentions of his life partner. Thus, disagreement can erupt at any time and result in the decision to separate.


The Virgo sign will not be the luckiest at the start of the month. spend most of the time, This Earth sign risks disappointing the other half who will scold him for his many failures. He will try to correct these errors quickly but it may already be too late.


Happy Libra

Balance. Source: spm

Libra will use the beginning of this month to create a favorable atmosphere for the couple. This native, who has a great sense of connection, will be very attentive to the needs of his partner. He also managed to convince him to start a joint venture.

The scorpion

November is also a bad start for the Scorpio sign in terms of love. He may feel that his partner is against him. Conflicts can also arise at work, between friends or family. So this water sign should prepare for an unexpected breakup.


Sagittarius 2022

Sagittarius. Source: spm

For Sagittarius, the beginning of the month promises to be rather positive on the part of the heart. With the support of the stars, The latter will have more means to anticipate misunderstandings and act accordingly. He will do his best to maintain a peaceful atmosphere within the couple and experience moments of understanding and sharing.


Capricorns will play their magic during the early days of November to find the rare pearl. He will then hit the meetings during the week and put together a calendar of meetings. He can already expect to meet someone who stands out.


Aquarius luck

Aquarius. Source: spm

With that said, Aquarius will be a bit shy at the beginning of November. This would not be very convenient from a relational point of view. However, he would have great regard for his close entourage who would be able to put the perfect person on his path.


Finally, Pisces are going through a tough time on the heart side. During the first days of November, Conflict with his half can invade his daily life. However, he will not sit idly by and will do his best to find solutions.

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