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Financial loss awaits these three zodiac signs during the month of November and they did not expect it

3 signs of the zodiac that the stars will not like during the month of November. They will incur unexpected expenses and may encounter difficulties at work that will affect their financial situation. However, this eleventh month of the year will be a bad omen for the children of these astrological signs.

What are the three zodiac signs that will incur financial losses during the month of November?

Mars retrogrades in Gemini from October 30 to January 12. This planetary relapse will lead to a slowdown in the affairs of these zodiac signs. They will find it difficult to finish what they have already started. They may also feel tired and unable to focus on their tasks. Furthermore, November 8th will see a full moon in Taurus. This stellar event will not be without consequences for the indigenous population of these signs. Their emotions are likely to escalate, and their professional situation may be affected.

cancer. Source: spm

The native of this sign will experience a slowdown in his work during the month of November. He will find it difficult to move forward with his projects and make it happen. His request for a raise will also be suspended. You should wait for this water sign too before receiving any comments regarding his promotion. Residents of this sign who are looking for work will not see their situation improve. They will have to wait until next month, In order to decipher the situation, And moved to a new position. However, Cancer can expect to see positive changes only at the end of the year. This November will not be favorable for his professional development, and can even cause him financial problems, due to the slowdown in his projects. No financial gain.

Lion. Source: spm

The native of this sign risks facing financial problems during the month of November. it must Cover unexpected expenses This puts her financial position at risk. Leo will be obligated to ask for help And knocking on all doors to preserve the day. The situation will also be complicated at work. Mars retrograde in Gemini and retrograde Jupiter will be held in the sign of Pisces position. Liu’s risk Not getting the job you promised. The stars advise him to appeal to his optimism, in order to put the situation into perspective and find an alternative plan.

Pisces. Source: spm

The native finances of this watermark will weaken during the month of November. risk losing money, In particular because of a dispute that obliges him to spend money to defend his rights. at work, he is He will be especially stubborn. His rebellious nature will prevent him from reviewing certain decisions that may cause him losses. The habitat of this zodiac sign can also lack seriousness. A dreamer by nature, Pisces avoids responsibility and cannot stand authority.

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