What is the solution to remove hair from the genitals?

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The Ifop study from January 2021, devoted to sexual health, revealed that the number of women who never use wax has nearly doubled in 8 years, rising from 15% in 2013 to 28% in 2021. Better women’s hair as Men’s hair! However, the vast majority of women still consider pubic hair to be a reflection of a lack of hygiene. 22% choose full hair removal.

intimate area hair

Hair in the intimate area – Source: spm

Hair removal: beware of fragile areas

The bikini area is considered the most sensitive because it is often the most painful and the most difficult to remove. The skin is very sensitive there because it is very nerve-racking and the hair is thicker, stronger and more numerous than other parts of the body. In fact, the primary function of pubic hair is to protect private parts from germs, infections and sexually transmitted diseases. “It is also a protective barrier, defines Marie-Noel Porte, Director of Ginot Training, against shocks and friction of all kinds and especially clothing … And if the hair, from an aesthetic point of view, bothers many women, it has a real benefit.. So depilation is really not recommended. Entirely, especially for women with fragile flora and therefore more susceptible to urinary tract infections or vaginal yeast infections.

Hair removal: feeling uncomfortable

Admittedly, the razor is quick and practical, but it’s not recommended for this area. “Even if razors have evolved a lot, as Marie-Noel Porte asserts, they remain irritating and aggressive on the skin. They can cause itching, and small bumps…Then the problem with shaving is very rapid regrowth that forces women to shave more often. Especially And that regrowth is uncomfortable and unpleasant to feel because the hair grows back in more densely!Unless you are an expert in this area that is not easily accessible, the blade may also be very dangerous near private parts with a risk of cuts.Then it can lead Poor hair removal leads to ingrown hairs under the skin which sometimes causes cysts.So it is a matter of being very vigilant!As for hair removal cream, if hair regrowth is as fast as a razor, it remains the least painful method.

The most convincing solution

Provided, of course, that you use a cream specially designed for this area, do a preliminary test (moreover in case of tingling, rinse immediately and change the product or a better method!) and do not place it near the genitals at risk of causing skin reactions! In short, we refrain from making the complete shirt. “For hair removal from this sensitive area, explains the training director at Ginot, waxing is still the best solution. For best results and effectiveness, I strongly advise entrusting hair removal to the hands of an esthetician (especially if it’s waxing for the first time), which You will ensure that the hair removal process is done as easily as possible and that will respect all the stages.: This means hygiene, cleansing, and the use of a really suitable wax, at a low temperature, that is soft, comfortable and does not stick to the skin.It is also free of allergenic ingredients such as rosin on the for example. “

Painful but it lasts longer

Just to mention waxing, we’re already reeling in pain. However, even if this method is very troublesome, especially in the early stages, it gives a very visible result, slow regrowth that can sometimes reach 4/5 weeks and above all, as the hair removal progresses, it purifies the hair. We actually recommend, to avoid any risk of burns, to choose a wax that is not too hot, to do this on a hair length of 2-5 mm (too short, the wax will not catch, the risks are too long to hurt) and to avoid plucking is too strong. At home, you can also use an electric epilator specific to this area. Like tweezers, this method is very effective in pulling out hair with an onion. But again, it’s not always fun!

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal – Source: spm

Morning get ready!

Finally, for those who are tired of going through the hair removal canister and want to get rid of their hair for good, nothing is better than laser hair removal. However, this method is very expensive and painful. Whatever hair removal method is used, it is always advisable to prepare your skin well. About two days before waxing, do a gentle exfoliation or appropriate exfoliation of the intimate areas. This removes dead cells and prevents ingrown hairs. Cut your hair if it is too long. And immediately before the session, cleanse the area to be removed with an alcohol-free lotion (with the risk of causing skin irritation) to reduce skin reactions and the appearance of blisters. Also remember to disinfect hair removal tools. Note that for greater effectiveness, hair should always be removed against the direction of the hair. Once you are done with waxing, apply a soothing and nourishing treatment or better yet an anti-regrowth treatment!

Different waxing of the bikini line

  • single jersey

This is the right choice if you want a natural look. We remove all the hair that protrudes from the underwear, from the top of the pubis, from the top of the thighs and at the level of the thigh.

  • achieve jersey

Similar to the above, hair removal extends inside the shirt at the lines. More comfortable in the case of long and thick hair.

  • Bikini or metro ticket

We remove the hair above and on the sides of the pubis, as well as on the circumference of the labia majora, to create a rectangle at the pubic level.

  • Brazilian

If you like to wear a thong, thong or a very short swimsuit, this wax is perfect. We leave only a small triangle, the tip of which stops just below the vulva.

  • integrated

As its name suggests, it is the technique that consists in removing all the hair from the pubic and intergluteal groove.

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