The trick is to clean the oven effortlessly. Even burnt fat goes away easily

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Oven glass cleaning is often overlooked. Stains of grease and sauces during cooking quickly become covered and without regular cleaning, it becomes difficult to remove.

If you are wondering how to avoid such inconvenience, don’t bother, trust your kitchen cabinet with these safe methods.

oven door

Oven door – Source: spm

How to clean oven glass in a jiffy?

To easily clean oven glass, leave aside traditional cleaning products, for a natural, ecological and effective product.. It is white vinegar.

Oven door cleaning

Cleaning the oven door – Source: spm

To do this, start by pouring water and white vinegar into the oven pan. Put vinegar water into the oven, Close the door and then turn on at 180 degrees. Wait 1 hour before removing the container. It is also best to let the oven cool down before taking the bowl of vinegar water.

You will be able to wipe stains more easily because they will be softened thanks to The combination of heat and the descaling power of white vinegar. The same goes for leftovers, which you will also wipe with a microfiber cloth dampened with water and white vinegar. All you have to do is let the glass air dry by leaving the door open for a few minutes.

What should I do if the oven glass is still stained?

If the stains on the glass persist despite the above method, we recommend that you refer to the abrasive and descaling properties a littleSodium bicarbonate.

To use this classic home environment, mix it with a little water to get a paste that you spread on the oven glass. Let the product sit for 10 minutes Then continue rinsing the window using a soft cloth dampened with clean water. Squeeze the cloth again and wet it again with clean water, as you may need to rinse the glass a second time.

Another alternative to use in case dirt remains covered on the walls or on the oven window, consider using it apple cider vinegar In a spray bottle, pour a mixture of a few tablespoons of vinegar with water, then shake it slightly. Generously spray the newly obtained cleaner onto the glass surface and then rinse it with a sponge dampened in clear water. If necessary, alternate between cleaning and rinsing.

Spray the cleaner on the oven door glass

Spray the cleaner on the oven door glass – Source: spm

You can also try cleaning the oven glass with soda crystals

Still against stubborn stains, know that soda crystals can easily beat a very dirty oven and are an excellent alternative to baking soda.

Molding 1 tablespoon of concentrated soda crystals in 2 liters of hot water Then mix it until you get a homogeneous solution. Using a clean, soft cloth, scrub the glass door before rinsing with clear water. Liked the result.

These solutions are great alternatives to chemicals, and the good news is that they are usually always within easy reach of your kitchen.

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