Make your phone faster with a simple trick: improve performance and speed

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Find out the parameters we need to know in order for your mobile phone to function properly. Obviously, this will always depend on the functionality of the smartphone, but it should work to make the device run as fast as the first day.

slow phone

slow phone – source: spm

Always install the latest available version

When you are connected to WiFi, remember to start the software update process on your mobile phone. This procedure is very simple and is performed from the settings of your phone. We advise you to do this at night because the update takes time to install.

Updating a mobile phone to the latest Android or iOS version is always practical because in addition to potential visual and functional tweaks, updates incorporate new security patches, bug fixes, and system improvements. Therefore, if we want to have the best possible mobile phone, it is highly recommended to update it.

Restart the mobile phone

Reboot the mobile phone – Source: spm

Turn the phone off and on frequently

“Phone does not turn on? Have you tried turning it off and then on again? This is obvious to many people. Restarting the phone is not a miracle that completely solves all problems, but it is often necessary to turn it off to restart all processes and to make everything work normally and smoothly once again.

Frequently turning off the mobile phone is beneficial. It is not necessary to restore it periodically, although it may help if you do.

When it comes to doing a factory reset of a mobile phone, this should be something exceptional and only in cases where the phone becomes very sluggish. We know it’s tedious to have to reconfigure everything, as it’s recommended not to load any saves afterwards, but we’ll see it’s effective when performance degrades a lot. However, this should not be a procedure that is performed frequently and even less in the absence of obvious problems leading to it being done.

mobile phone memory

Mobile phone memory – Source: spm

Always check the available memory space

Although Android and iOS are better and better at managing storage space, reaching the mobile memory limit can negatively affect its performance. For this reason, it is convenient that we access from the mobile settings to the storage control sections and always try to get free space.

There is no written rule about always leaving “X GB” free, but it is recommended that when the phone memory is full, we start to free up some space so that it is always empty. We would like to point out that this has improved over the years, but in the same way we notice greater fluidity in certain operations when the mobile is not saturated with files and applications.

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