A woman built a house out of old shipping containers. The inside is beautiful

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This woman showed imagination to build a warm beautiful home

Her dream project has always been on this woman’s mind. She knew exactly what her home would look like.

Claudie Dubrouil

Claudie Dubereuil – Source: spm

One day, while walking along the port of Montreal, she noticed the use of shipping containers. These large metal chests were her inspiration.

build your home

Building your own home – Source: spm

She bought four old shipping containers. It was neatly organized and ready to assemble.


Containers – Source: spm

Special preparations were applied to it.

pine house

Pine House – Source: spm

For the cladding of the house, pine was used outside. This wood is perfect for the Canadian cold. In just six weeks, the facade of the building was completed.

Home entrance

The entrance to the house – Source: spm

What’s inside is simply amazing. Natural light shines through the huge windows, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

home living room

Living room in the house – Source: spm

The original shape of the containers has been kept, adding an original character.

chairs in the living room

Chairs in the living room – Source: spm

She added a shade of red to the office portion. Which gives a lot of magic!

the desk

The Office – Source: spm

A spiral staircase leads to the second floor where there is enough space for the bathroom and kitchen.

spiral staircase

spiral staircase – Source: spm

The kitchen is impressive and not lacking in anything.

home kitchen

Home cooking – Source: spm

Professional gas stove, large refrigerator, stainless steel, extractor hood. It’s a complete set!

my kitchen equipment

My Kitchen Equipment – Source: spm

The bedroom is connected to the bathroom. This was what Claudie had always dreamed of.

bedroom with bathroom

Bedroom with bathroom – Source: spm

The bathtub is the most important element of this room. In front of it are large windows that open onto a balcony with a shower.


Bathtub – Source: spm

There are also small toilets for guests. It’s a perfect use of that space!

Toilets for guests

Toilets for guests – Source: spm

This house is unique and not found anywhere else. Congratulations to her!

bathroom sink

bathroom sink – source: spm

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