The trick to opening a can without a knife or can opener

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In the absence of a can opener, many people use a Swiss Army knife as an alternative. The situation becomes more complicated when you don’t have a knife either. In this case, you can use one of the following methods to safely open your case.

How do you open a tin can without a knife?

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Opening a tin can is no easy task, especially when you don’t have the right tool. However, you can safely open your case using these two methods.

  • Open the tin can with a spoon

Place the can on a stable surface, on the table, and hold it firmly with one hand. The other hand will be used to manipulate the spoon. put the spoon on the edge of the cap from the fund, In one of the depressions along the edge. The back of the spoon should be positioned toward the outside of the box. Then hold the spoon firmly and start rubbing Cover with tip of spoon, back and forth. This friction makes it possible to thin the cover. Keep working until the cap begins to retract. Then rub the cap again this time around, until you cut it completely. All you have to do is lift the cover with a piece of cloth, So as not to hurt yourself with sharp edges. You can also slide the spoon under the edge of the lid to raise it. Note that this trick does not work Just with a metal spoon.


Canning box. Source: spm

  • Open a tin can with a stone or a piece of concrete

For this trick, you will have to use a flat stone or piece of concrete which has a rough surface. This allows you to create friction may be to thin the cover and perforate it. To do this, place your caddy upside down on the stone, to break the seal above the can. Then hold the can firmly and rub it against the stone from front to back. This movement allows back and forth to exercise friction Between the stone and the tin can. Be careful not to rub it hard, so as not to puncture the cap, due to its contents The stone may deform. When you see a little moisture seeping out of the can, stop rubbing. this means that the cover has become weak. Then make sure the gasket is thin enough to lift easily. If so, do it with a spoon and make sure to cover your hand first To avoid injuring yourself.

What precautions should be taken when opening the can?

When trying to open the can, never try to see the lid with a bread knife. So you take a risk To drop metal shards in food from your enclosure. Note that it is not recommended to eat food from perforated cans before opening them. In fact, its content can be contaminated with bacteria.

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