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How to use aluminum foil to clean burnt pots and pans?

Can you cook in aluminum foil?

Potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil – Source: spm

Aluminum foil is indispensable in the kitchen, it simplifies your life in many ways. Allows you to wrap sandwiches and cover meat or food in the refrigerator. To protect your leftovers or to keep dishes taken out of the oven hot.

Speaking of the oven, although it is heat-resistant, aluminum foil can do some harm: the manufacturers themselves advise not to use it directly on the grill, because the foil can damage the enamel of the walls of the oven. Instead, opt for parchment paper to protect your dishes. On the other hand, after recent studies, it was found that some particles can enter the food we eat. Especially acidic products such as tomatoes. However, in the long run, this metal can become toxic to the body.

On the other hand, aluminum foil can be used in various ways and without moderation for different uses in the home.

Why do you keep an aluminum ball next to the sink?

Finally, one of the best places to use aluminum foil is the kitchen sink. why ? Simply because it will be a valuable ally for cleaning burnt pots and pans. Cut a piece of paper and shape it into a ball. By scrubbing your utensils, you can easily remove burnt residue.

good to know : You can also place an aluminum ladle on the top rack of your dishwasher. The metal will interact well with the dishwashing tablets and enhance their effectiveness. In this way, the plates and especially the cups will become more shiny.

Is your pelvis clogged? We have the solution!

And if you keep some near the sink, it will solve another big problem. In fact, this substance can help you avoid clogging your drains. You will be able to escape from plumber related expenses. All you need is to place aluminum foil over the sink opening when pouring grease into it. Form a “bowl” and drain the excess oil into it. Then wait a few moments for the oil to harden. This way, you can easily toss these cumbersome fats in the trash. Your sink will be clean and you will avoid clogging the pipes.

Other unknown uses for aluminum foil

Aluminum foil ball – Source: spm

In addition to the above uses, aluminum foil is known for cleaning tough and stubborn stains.

1. Sharpening scissors

All you have to do is cut a piece of tin foil, fold it in several layers, and then cut it with scissors to sharpen it. Try this trick, it will amaze you!

2. Clean jewelry

Your jewelry is boring and looks dirty? Line a cup with aluminum foil, add hot water and a tablespoon of washing powder. Soak your jewelry in it for a minute, then rinse and let it dry. The gloss is back!

3. Cleaning the iron

Over time and with use, the soleplate gets dirty and its performance degrades. Simple aluminum foil can solve this problem. Heat the iron slightly and sprinkle a little salt on the paper. Move the iron over it as if you were ironing. You will notice that the dirt is completely gone.

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