5 tips to avoid falling into the mechanic scam trap

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How to avoid scams in the garage?

Car repair

Car repair. Source: spm

Some mechanics do not hesitate to add a few euros to their customers’ bills. To spare yourself these unpleasant situations, you should adopt the following reactions:

Looking for a “complete” mechanic

Scams exist but there are also honest professionals! Before signing any quote with a mechanic, wake up the private investigator inside you and find more information about his garage. Is it well known on the internet? Take the time to read the comments on social media and the reviews on their Google Business account.

On the other hand, Mechanics honest Do not exceed 10% of travel expenses It can answer any questions you may have. An honest mechanic gives you details of repairs made and parts changed. Finally, in his garage, you quickly realize the prices for his services, which are often mentioned on a poster.

Meet a connoisseur in a mechanic’s garage

In fact, scam mechanics have a tendency to spot inexperienced customers and can then Improvisation of fake breakdowns to sell swap parts. So getting caught in their traps can be inevitable if you are not accompanied by an automotive expert. It could be a family member, friend, colleague, or anyone else around you.

Request quotes from several mechanics

Mechanic in the garage

Mechanic in the garage. Source: spm

To get your car repaired, you can approach 4 or 5 garages and ask them to give you an estimate. Thus, you will have an estimate that is closer to reality. Index to take into account? A deceptive mechanic will offer you a superficial estimate and abnormally high prices for a repair.

An honest mechanic will have no problem providing a clear quotation and favorable prices. This can be checked with the part sellers, in case you have any doubts.

Assistance with mechanical repairs

Mechanic and client

Mechanic and client. Source: spm

Take the time to see the mechanic’s services up close. So you are sure not to be deceived. Otherwise, if he refuses to let you stay in the garage while your car is being repaired, you may have gone to a mechanic to avoid it.

In fact, dishonest mechanics abuse the confidence of their customers by telling them about other unexpected repairs and, as a result, asking for additional money. Eliminate this possibility by coming to the repairs!

Request a repair order from the mechanic

Although the estimate summarizes the repairs and actions to be performed, you should not do without a repair order. In fact, dishonest mechanics may try to deceive you by doing things not listed in the repair order and charging them when they are finished.

So ask for a list in the order of repairs: this should be done in duplicate for you and your mechanic. This document should clearly state that you, as the customer, will not pay for any repairs not mentioned in the contract. You have to sign it to confirm what’s right in the event of a dispute, for example.

Finally, to avoid scams, feel free to ask for recommendations from those around you, especially your car-loving friends!

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