Why not put your feet on the dashboard of the car? When you find out, you’ll never do it again

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People sitting on the passenger side can sometimes put their feet on the dashboard of the car for added convenience. Inappropriate, this situation can have serious repercussions on their health.

Why don’t you put your feet up on the dashboard anymore?

Feet resting on the dashboard

Feet resting on the dashboard. Source: spm

Although this position may seem very comfortable in the car, Putting your feet on the dashboard can have serious repercussions on your health. In fact, the group Decoratethe leading European company in the field of automotive, transport and industrial inspection Crash tests to educate motorists about the dangers of incorrect positioning on the car seat. Dekra experts explained that “passengers who place their feet on the dashboard can be seriously injured in the event of an accident.”

  • An airbag placed on a car dashboard can seriously injure you

Caused airbags

Caused airbags. Source: spm

Putting your feet on the dashboard of the car puts you at risk of injury. Indeed, in the event of a collision or accident, if the airbag is activated within a few seconds, the knees will be thrown towards the head and this may cause injuries to the legs and abdominal girdle. Severe damage can also occur to the feet, legs, face, back, pelvis, or even internal organs such as the liver or stomach.. Airbag deployment can eventually cause injuries Severe and fatal in the chest and head. This position is considered more dangerous because by sitting this way, the passenger would not be protected by the seat belt at all, and thus could slip forward by going under it.

How do you sit well without putting your feet on the dashboard?

Now you know the risks you take if you put your feet on the dashboard of a car. The only comfortable position you should adopt in the car is to sit in your seat with both feet on the floor, remembering to fasten your seat belt. Your seat should not be too far from the dashboard, and at an appropriate distance. Even if you have to sit for a long time, the seat should be straight so that the seat belt fits correctly against your body. In addition, the headrest should be located at the same height as your head.

Once in the car, get in the habit of sitting well so as not to disturb the driver’s vision and avoid any situation that could put your life at risk.

When riding in a car, be sure to adjust your seat as any driver would do before setting off. Additionally, avoid lowering your seat to lie down, even during long flights.

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