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This unknown car button saves up to 10% of fuel and we should all activate it

Find out without further delay, which is this button that will allow you to achieve such fuel savings!

Activation button to reduce fuel consumption

The “start and stop” button of the vehicle. Source: spm

Although not present in all vehicles, the “start and stop” button improves fuel consumption. Moreover, it also contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, when the car’s engine is not in good working order.

According to homogeneity tests conducted by car manufacturers, this The button can reduce fuel consumption by 10%, in the case of driving In traffic jams. This saving reaches only 3% in urban traffic.

So you will understand Start and Stop “Very useful when driving in urban areas.

How does the start and stop button work?

Activate “Start and Stop”. Source: spm

It’s relatively simple! This button is used to cut off the engine when your vehicle is stationary. The latter restarts when you disengage and release the brake pedal. On the other hand, the button Start and stop is activated only when no other system, such as heating or air conditioning, is operating.

In addition, this system allows you to improve your daily comfort by Reducing Engine idle vibrationsAs well as noise pollution of the car.

Finally, the “Start and Stop” button is generally found on the latest car models. Be aware, however, that a new vehicle equipped with this mechanism remains more expensive than a vehicle without one.

“start and stop”, are there any disadvantages associated with this button?

The “Start and Stop” button has not only advantages. In fact, in Pressing this button a lot, the battery and starters They find themselves pleading more than usual. After undergoing extensive use, the starter rarely exceeds 100,000 km and its replacement costs are up to 60% more than a standard starter.

Therefore it is recommended to use the Start and Stop button wisely.

“Start and stop” button, what types are in the market?

Start and stop button. Source: spm

The “start and stop” system comes in two forms:

to meWith hardened starter: This is the most common system, the one that allows the car to start when the driver engages the gear.

to meWith generator starter: A more convenient and efficient mechanism for the driver, as it reduces vibrations when starting the car again. In addition, this system cuts the engine to less than 10 km / h when the standard version only allows this cut of less than 5 km / h.

How to use the “Start and Stop” button without it being dangerous to the car?

As mentioned above, the starter and battery can be significantly affected if the “start and stop” button is overused.

In this case, The vehicle must have an AGM or EFB battery, so that repeated use of the “Start and Stop” button is without danger to the latter. In fact, this type of battery has a much lower self-discharge rate than a standard battery.

As you understand, the “Start and Stop” button can be useful in certain cases, but it is not recommended to overuse it, especially if your car is equipped with a standard battery.

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