The washing machine door glass is curved for a very special reason

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This is why the curved door is practical

Open the washing machine door

The washing machine door is open – Source: spm

The first washers were loaded from the top. It wasn’t until the 1950s that it was more practical and efficient thanks to a front loading that allowed it to be packed from the front. At that time, filling the washbasin from the front had many technical advantages. Thanks to this new design, it became possible to achieve higher spin speeds, which made drying laundry a lot easier.

On the other hand, if the washing machine door is bulging, your clothes will accumulate in this part and will not be washed well. Specifically, the concave door constantly pushes the linen into the drum: allowing it to soak, rinse, and spin evenly. In addition, such a design limits the capacity of the washing machine, and, accordingly, significantly reduces water consumption. Although many people complain that this unusual door structure is difficult to clean, it is designed for a specific purpose. Thus, this concave door ensures more efficient operation of the rotating mechanism inside the machine and prevents water leakage through seal protection. In addition, the convex glass design prevents clothes from coming into contact with and wearing off the rubber door during washing. It should also be noted that thanks to this structure, the door of the washing machine is much stronger and more resistant to pressure.

NB : Top loading washing machines have a flat door. Indeed, in such a washing machine clothes remain at the bottom. So there is no pressure on them to head towards the door.

How to clean the machine in a natural and ecological way?

Adjust the washing machine

Adjusting the washing machine – Source: spm

Cleaning your washing machine is just as important as regular maintenance for other household appliances. How to facilitate its maintenance without the use of environmentally harmful products? Here are two very effective environmental methods to adopt:

  • This first domestic method is very popular because it uses the cleaning, bleaching, and deodorizing properties of baking soda. How to proceed? Simply pour 1 tablespoon of the white powder into the detergent drawer and set the washing machine on an empty wash cycle. Choose a temperature of 90°C to effectively remove dirt, scales and odors.
  • The second method is equally effective: you will put citric acid here. It is also very useful in combating limescale, limescale and mold. How to proceed? Pour 1/3 cup of the product into the detergent drawer, set the temperature to 90°C, and program the washing machine for a full wash cycle.

To clean your dirty device, experts advise doing it at least once a month. Moreover, regular cleaning with citric acid will protect your device from the formation of scales and mold.

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