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The trick to making tender and crunchy chicken: just add that ingredient you have at home

In the kitchen, everyone has their own secrets or tips for making certain dishes a success. Such is the case with roast chicken. In fact, to get crispy and tender chicken, you must use this common ingredient.

What is the secret to getting crispy and tender chicken?

Crispy grilled chicken. Source: spm

But it was the addition of an unusual ingredient that really made the difference: baking soda. Good old baking soda! Mix ½ teaspoon of this product into a mixture of garlic powder and onion powder (paprika and Provencal herbs optional) which you mix with the chicken for an hour before going to the oven.

Why do you work? Because baking soda is alkaline, it raises the pH of chicken skin, breaks peptide bonds, and speeds up the browning process, which means the wings turn brown and crispier faster than they would on its own. The only problem is that baking soda has a strong and unpleasant flavor when used in large quantities, so be sure to use ½ teaspoon per chicken at most.

Chicken with lean meat. Source: spm

What are other tips for getting well-roasted tender chicken?

In addition to baking soda, our other tips can help you cook well-roasted chicken, just the way we like it.

to tenderize chicken meat, It is recommended to use olive oil. This prevents the chicken from drying out during cooking. To do this, dip the brush in olive oil and grease the poultry. While cooking, also remember brush it regularly with olive oil spray, To prevent dehydration. Do not abuse this fat, so as not to get too fat chicken.

To make your roast chicken a success, think Cover with butter before cooking. Then sprinkle some flour over the chicken. so that the skin It takes on a golden color when cooked. Note that if you don’t have butter, You can pour a little milk on the chicken, before spraying it with flour. Milk effectively softens poultry meat.

The juice that comes out of the chicken will not only be used to tenderize the chicken, But also to gild it. For this, it is recommended to regularly grease your poultry with this juice during cooking. Note that to get this juice when you put the chicken in the oven, Pour a small cup of broth into the dish, with chicken. When the chicken is done cooking, avoid brushing the chicken by dipping, to allow the skin to dry out well Thus it becomes crunchy.

to grill chicken without burning it, Avoid preheating the oven. After soaking it in lemon juice, then seasoning it, we put it in the oven while it is still cold, Then start cooking. The ideal way is to cook the chicken at a moderate temperature of 140 degrees, without the risk of burning.

Thanks to these tips, cooking chicken will not hide any secrets anymore!

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