This is the purpose of the hole in the vacuum cleaner hose. Unknown function makes cleaning easier

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Surely you notice it every day without doubting its usefulness. Well, this hole in the tube is very practical. As a bonus, it saves you some additional costs. Find out quickly what its purpose is.

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Vacuuming – Source: spm

What is the function of the hole in the vacuum cleaner hose?

Most people use this nozzle to control the suction power and it works great. but that is not all. Manufacturers have decided that the hole on the hose is intended to reduce the risk of overheating the vacuum cleaner’s motor and thus prevent its burning. Indeed, if by chance the vacuum cleaner sucks a very large object and gets stuck in the hose, pressure will begin to build up and the engine can overheat.

However, it is precisely the perforation that makes it possible to significantly reduce the pressure, without even turning off the device. Once out, you can quietly remove the annoying object to avoid damaging the device. At the same time, it saves you from incurring additional costs by replacing the vacuum cleaner.

As you understand, this hole in the tube is especially important during vacuuming: it prevents your device from clogging up due to various internal debris.

Vacuum cleaner hose

Vacuum Cleaner Hose – Source: spm

How to perfume your home using the vacuum cleaner?

Do you think it was only useful for removing dust? It may surprise you, but the best way to freshen up your home is to use a vacuum cleaner.

To leave a pleasant smell in the house, you should definitely try this technique! Rest assured, it is very easy to apply on a daily basis. All you have to do is open the sachet and dip a sufficiently wet wipe into the cologne or essential oils of your choice.

This method is especially indicated after you are at home. It is really ideal for masking strong odors of plaster, cement or fresh paint on walls. This way, every time you vacuum, you can reduce that bad smell and freshen up the place.

NB: We recommend emptying the tank, changing the bag regularly, and replacing the scented wipes for a more effective effect.

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