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The trick is to make big savings when you go to the supermarket. The method is very simple and really works

This basic and effective trick will allow you to do your shopping without breaking the bank, while respecting your monthly budget; Just apply it to the message. The method is very simple and very effective.

The trick that allows you to save money while shopping

Shopping can be expensive, especially with High prices of some foods And things get more complicated for larger families. Here is the trick to follow Save money on your next visit to the supermarket.

Check the receipt. Source: spm

In principle, there are two types of people: Who scribble quickly on a piece of paper And the Those who follow their desires for the time being. But, preparing a shopping list properly can be a daunting and painful task, especially when you run out of ideas and start writing down everything and anything to make it fast.

However, there is an alternative that offers significant savings every month: Additional shopping list. The trick, in fact, is training A completely different shopping list than you normally do.

In fact, in a traditional shopping list, We note that all products and food are missing from the refrigerator or pantry so we can purchase them. while principlecomplementary shopping list, It consists first and foremost of taking an inventory of the products we already have at home and creating a list of products that can be supplemented to prepare the recipes. The trick allows, in fact, to ensure that each of the products we already have at home are used to avoid unnecessary waste and expenses.

By shopping you will avoid buying food and products you don’t need, knowing that The food waste an actress 10 million tons per year in France, equivalent to 150 kilograms per person per yearAccording to ADEME (Agency for Environmental Transformation).

Thanks to this method, you will shop according to the products that you really need. In order for this to become systematic, it would be better to choose a specific day of the week to prepare your menu. It is more practical and will save you Surrender to the whims of the last minute.

Make a shopping list. Source: spm

Other tips to save money while shopping

Every euro you save It is a Euro that is earned and ends up in your bank account, and these Euros are cumulative. After a while, your savings may be enough to buy a new car, go on a family vacation, or even cover Urgent expensesBecause these emergency savings will not be created overnight. Here are some tips to save your money on your next trip to the supermarket.

High shopping bill. Source: spm

Collect unsold items at the end of the market: Damaged zucchini, carrots with tired tops … Everyone avoids them! This is specifically a golden opportunity to reduce your food costs by taking it back for free. Simply visit the market or grocery store at closing.

Fresh vegetables and fruits at the local market. Source: spm

Choose products under the shelves. againstThe number one rule for successfully saving money while shopping: Open your eyes wide to discover good deals and avoid the products at the top of the gondola. The cheapest products are at the bottom of the shelves or at the top of them.

Register for the loyalty program: lLoyalty programs are available at most major retailers and supermarkets, and you can join them for free. This will allow you to take advantage of exclusive member discounts, which are automatically deducted at checkout with your loyalty card.

Thanks to these tips, you can now make very significant savings. Spend in moderation and always keep an eye on prices and discounts, it changes everything!

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