Should I turn off the phone to charge it faster?

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Charging your smartphone properly is not always so simple. Between misuse of the charger and other errors, the battery is far from being independent all day. In addition, there is a question that always bothers users: should the phone be turned off while charging?

Is it better to turn off your smartphone while charging?

Recharge the smartphone

Charge the smartphone. Source: spm

In fact, many people wonder if turning off their smartphone will allow them to charge it faster.

Opinions are divided. According to Phonandroid or Max sudinfo magazine, turning off the phone is effective for fast charging. Its consumption will be zero and therefore it will charge faster. But according to BEGEEK, an information website, turning off the phone while charging only saves 2 to 5% of the time until the charging process is complete. Saving time wouldn’t be much.

How do you charge your smartphone quickly?

charge the phone

Charge the phone. Source: spm

If you want to charge your phone fast, follow these simple yet effective tips!

Plug it into a wall outlet, not your computer: In general, computer USB ports draw much less current than chargers plugged into a wall outlet. If you have one of the latest iPhone or Android models, fast charging technology is usually built into the charger.

Do not use your smartphone while charging: Applications consume a lot of mobile power. If you want to make an important call, make an online transaction, or send a professional email, just let it load without asking for much.

Buy a fast and durable charging cable: If you find that your smartphone is charging very slowly, even when using a wall charger, treat yourself to a fast charging cable. This can greatly reduce the charging time of iPhone and Android smartphones.

Low smartphone battery

The smartphone battery is low. Source: spm

Invest in an external battery For people who like to use their phones regularly without resorting to wall outlets, a power bank can be a great solution. It’s a big battery that you can pre-charge and use while traveling and your phone runs out of power.

Protect your phone from the sun: Do not expose your smartphone to high temperatures. In fact, heat can damage your battery, although some cell phones can limit charging when temperatures exceed the recommended temperature.

Take your smartphone out of its box: Does your device get hot when charging? Take it out of its box as this may cause excessive heat and thus affect the battery capacity!

Clean your smartphone port: It’s possible that the slow charging is not due to the power of your battery. In fact, lint and dust can build up in the port over time and affect the proper charging of your phone. To get around this inconvenience, it is recommended to turn off your mobile phone, bring a toothpick, and gently remove debris and other dirt. From now on, you can plug in your charger to see if it works as it should.

By using these tricks, you will definitely be able to charge your phone faster!

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