Reduce your energy bill by €257 per year by making these small changes to your appliances

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To reduce your energy bill, you should consider better management and use of these energy-intensive devices for significant savings.

What are the electrical appliances that consume the most energy and how to reduce their consumption?

Receiving higher and higher energy bills is not a good thing. In fact, the current context should help us to review and change our consumption patterns, particularly with regard to energy. You won’t miss it, energy bills are constantly increasing and really affecting your budget. ISo it is necessary, even Necessary to reduce energy consumption. To achieve this, you must realize the real consumption of some electrical appliances. Energy-intensive, the latter increases the bill significantly, especially when they are on standby. So, here are the six devices you should use best to maximize your savings.

1. electric heating: If you missed it, know that The electric heating It is most used in France, accounting for approximately 27.6% of household electricity consumption according to human. So it is no coincidence that the cost of using it varies between €290 and €730 per year, depending on whether you live in an apartment or in a house. To save money, you can lower the temperature by 2 ° C, from 8 pm to 8 am, from 20 to 18 ° C. This will allow you to save up to €61.60, over a full year, according to figures from ADEME. Even better, if you decide to lower it by 4°C, by lowering it to 16°C at night, the savings made can be up to 120€ per year.

2. hot water tank: Although it is used to heat a large volume of water while keeping it at a high temperature, a hot water tank is one of the most energy-intensive devices in the home. In fact, The annual consumption of a 200-liter hot water tank is estimated at €285. To reduce this consumption and this cost, you can consider taking a shower for a shorter period and also set this device to the appropriate temperature, i.e. between 50°C and 60°C. But by only operating your device during off-peak hours, you can achieve real savings of about 25% per year. So with a good calculation, you can save up to 71.25 € per year!

3. Built-in refrigerator: An essential equipment for every family! So it’s not just a coincidence, then Its consumption, on average, corresponds to a quarter of the household’s energy expenditure. Of course, the latter varies according to several criteria, including: device model, power class, capacity, age and condition. However, the annual consumption of a built-in refrigerator (with freezer) can reach 78.30 euros. To save some money, feel free to adopt everyday environmentally responsible gestures, by setting them to the right temperature between +4 and +5 degrees Celsius, keeping them away from heat sources and limiting door openings as much as possible. Defrost it regularly. Indeed, as soon as the frost reaches 3 mm, the consumption of the device increases by 30%. This can save you up to €23.49 per year!

fridge open

The refrigerator is open. Source: spm

4. TV: sThere is one electronic device that we use every day, and it is clearly the TV. So it is not uncommon to find them in most rooms of the house, living room, bedrooms, kitchen… So whether you have one or more devices, Extended use and standby can have a huge impact on your energy bill. Thus, the average annual consumption of an LCD screen is about 32.36 euros when the consumption of a plasma screen TV reaches 67.86 euros. By considering unplugging the TV instead of putting it on standby, you can save just over €10 per year!

watch the T.V

watch the T.V. Source: spm

5. Dishwasher: iWashing dishes by hand is no longer mandatory these days. Indeed, the dishwasher has occupied a prominent place in the kitchen of all homes. convenient and easy to use, This appliance can quickly become energy consuming when used daily knowing that it heats up the water before the washing process starts.. Depending on the selected device and program, the wash cycle can last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Thus, a dishwasher consumes an average of 250 kWh per year, or 35 to 40 euros per year, depending on your electricity provider. To reduce the energy bill, feel free to choose the “Eco mode”, which allows you to wash at a lower temperature. In this way, your consumption can be reduced by 45%, which will allow you to save up to 18 euros per year on your energy bill!

6. light: It is a reaction we all adopt before entering a room, especially in the evening, which is to turn on the light. It has long been considered one of the most energy-consuming components of energy expenditure, and now that is no longer the case. In fact, circular LED lights have greatly reduced the cost of lighting over the years. Feel free to choose this type of lamp, making sure that the rooms are lit only if necessary. So the cost of an LED bulb per year is 2.72 euros per year, while the annual consumption of an incandescent lamp is estimated at 17.06 euros per year. Therefore, by choosing only LED bulbs, you can save up to 14.34 € per year!

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