Put a sock in a glass of water: the clever trick all drivers do

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Without further ado, discover the trick that will protect you from bacteria while driving!

Here’s how to protect yourself from dust in your car in this simple and practical way!



Sentences. Source: spm

And beyond the carpet, there is an area in the car where a lot of dirt accumulates: It’s the cup holder!

Inside this device is everything: hair, dust, dirt of all kinds. To use this space while protecting yourself from the bacteria that occurs there, wrap the glass in a sock. Spray the cleaning solution on the sock. finally, Place the glass in the cup holder and rotate it to clean the entire area!

Tips for cleaning the interior of your car

Car steering wheel cleaning

The steering wheel is clean. Source: spm

clean your carIt provides good driving conditions comfortably ! From the seats to the windows, including the carpet, here’s how to clean the interior of your car the perfect way!

Vacuum your car

To clean the interior of your car, start by vacuuming first. Thus, you get rid of visible dirt and dust. In the program: seats, rear rack of the car, carpets, trunk mat, and space around the gearshift.

Clean your car’s fabrics

After vacuuming, remember to clean the carpet with baking soda. This white powder needs no introduction: thanks to its cleaning and stain removal properties, You’ll know how to clean your carpet again ! To do this, start by sprinkling baking soda on your carpet. Then scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush. Now leave it for a few hours and rub it in again before vacuuming.

If you have a car carpet, clean the outside of your car with ease. Choose Black Soap: This natural product has great degreasing power! Dilute it with lukewarm water. Use a brush to clean the carpet with this solution. Finally, rinse it with clean water and then let it dry in the sun.

To clean your car seats from animal hair, use anti-hair adhesive rollers. As for other stains, they should be cleaned with natural solutions. For example, you can use white vinegar, which is known for its deodorizing and disinfecting properties, and is still effective against food or urine stains. In addition, this product can eliminate unpleasant odors in your car.

To clean your seats with white vinegar, mix in a bowl one and a half liters of white vinegar and one quart of water. Then add two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Now soak a sponge in this mixture and actively scrub your seats in circular motions. Next, rinse your seats with clean water and allow them to dry outside (after disassembling).

NB: If you have leather seats, Absolutely avoid cleaning with water so as not to damage it. Instead, prefer products or wipes specifically designed for cleaning leather surfaces.

Clean the dashboard and other components of the car’s interior

Cleaning the car from the inside

Cleaning the car from the inside. Source: spm

To clean car doors, use a soft brush and soapy water. Rub and rinse with a well-wrung sponge. Finally, dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or suede.

Let’s move on to the parts that get dirty very quickly: the steering wheel and gear lever knob. To clean it, use a damp cloth and soapy water. Then wipe it with a soft cloth.

For windows, you can mix water and white vinegar and clean them with a microfiber cloth. This solution, for sure, Remove traces formed on these surfaces.

Finally, to clean the inside of the windshield, prepare a solution of water and lemon juice. Not only will you have a pleasant smell inside your car, but you will also have an effective formula against fingerprints and other traces of dust.

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