More and more dogs are walking with a yellow stripe. If you meet one, you better leave

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Yellow Ribbon for Dogs…or How to Create More Intimacy for Our Canine Friends!

yellow ribbon for dogs

Yellow tape for dogs. Source: spm

In 2012, Swedish dog behaviorist Eva Oliversson decided to lead a project called Yellow Dog Yellow Ribbonn, or Yellow Ribbon for Dogs. Target ? Raise awareness of respect for dogs who do not want to be disturbed by humans and animals for reasons we will discover later. These dogs are known as “Code Yellow” or “DINOS” for dogs that need space.

In fact, it is common for an adult, child, or other pet owner to approach a dog to interact with the animal without asking the owner’s permission… This could be offensive to an approaching dog! This visible sign protects the dog, as well as its master, from any embarrassing situations.

Some dogs must wear yellow ribbons

dog with yellow ribbon

A dog with a yellow ribbon. Source: spm

There are many reasons why an owner might put yellow tape on a dog’s collar. In fact, it may be because he is in a shock and, suddenly, is reacting to other animals and/or humans. It’s also possible that he’s hypersensitive or frightening. Moreover, wearing a yellow ribbon can also be justified by a health problem, a possible infection, or simply because he is in heat. In addition, the master can put the yellow tape on his dog because the latter is in an educational session. Finally, gentlemen who have been traumatized by an old dogfight can actually attach yellow ribbons to their companions’ leashes or collars.

You will understand: this sign is intended not only for the dog, whose behavior can surprise, but also for the owner of the animal. The goal is to avoid any inconvenience that could disturb the dog or its master.

Additionally, fear is the root of many aggressive behaviors in dogs. Situations in which dogs bite adults and children are not uncommon. The Yellow Ribbon Project was created to save people’s lives, as well as dogs and other pets!

How do you act if you see a dog with a yellow stripe?

walking with a dog

Walking with a dog. Source: spm

If you are walking alone, with family, friends, or with your pets and you come across a dog with a yellow stripe, you always have the reaction to put some distance between you. Also, remember to stop for a moment to give them a chance to pass their way. Inform those around you of the importance of this tape and Invite them to pay special attention to the dogs who wear it.

Giving dogs wearing a yellow ribbon more space saves them in awkward situations and protects you from their unexpected reactions.

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