Every washing machine can dry clothes and most of them still don’t know about this feature

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Certain household appliances such as a dryer or washer dryer are essential, but they also remain energy-intensive. If you don’t have these and want to save money, you can dry your clothes faster with this simple feature of your washing machine.

The function that allows maximum moisture absorption from clothes

Having a dryer in the house is not an absolute necessity. Although quick and convenient, there are still plenty of other ways to dry your clothes without using a clothes dryer. These alternatives can be quick, efficient, and often environmentally friendly. They won’t shrink your clothes either! Here is a feature of the washing machine that can be very practical for you.

To dry the laundry

To dry the laundry. Source: spm

  • Towel and washing machine technology to absorb moisture from clothes

This function is to remove excess water from your clothes. To do this, when the wash cycle is over, simply keep the laundry damp in the washing machine, program the “spin cycle” at maximum power and place a dry, thick bath towel inside the drum. With this trick, the towel absorbs a large portion of the moisture retained in your laundry.

board : Avoid overfilling the washer drum. The less laundry, the faster your clothes will dry.

Dry the clothes in the washing machine

Dry the clothes in the washing machine. Source: spm

After squeezing your clothes using the toweling technique in the washing machine, hang them on a drying rack and place them in front of the radiator (about a meter or two away to avoid moisture and mildew issues), in a small room ensuring it’s well ventilated. The cooler releases warm air that further dries your clothes.

Dry the clothes near the radiator

Dry the clothes near the radiator. Source: spm

Another trick to dry your clothes without a dryer

Besides using the towel drying technique, there is another way to dry clothes without the need for a dryer.

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer. Source: spm

  • Hair dryer technology for drying clothes

Did you know that your hair dryer is not just for drying your hair? You can ideally use it to dry your clothes without using the dryer, especially if you are in a hurry. It is a portable device that remains very practical. To do this, simply lay the curly garment on a flat surface, set your hair dryer to a medium setting, and start drying one area at a time (front, back, back, sides). Pay special attention to collars, sleeves, and pockets, as these are the areas that absorb the most moisture. board : Make sure to dry your clothes from the inside out with a hair dryer.

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