Why is it important to always leave a glass of water near the radiator?

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Living in a dry environment can harm your health and can cause some respiratory problems. Running radiators can have this effect during the winter. Here’s how to fix it.

What is the trick that can clean the surrounding air?

Turn on the heater

radiator. Source: spm

Heating can dry out the surrounding air, in which case a solution to purify the air must be found again. To avoid any inconvenience to your health, you can use this trick.

  • Put a cup of water near the radiator to humidify the air

Water Cup

Water Cup. Source: spm

To avoid a dry environment when your radiators are running in the winter, you can place a glass of water next to your radiators. This natural and economical solution will allow you to humidify the air in your home. In factturn on the heating You will tend to set it to a high temperature, which can cause the air to dry out. Using a glass of water, the air will be a little more humid. For this, put several glasses of water near the whole your radiators. This will help the evaporation process so you can humidify your home. Dry indoor air is also caused by overheating. Choose a temperature between 18°C ​​and 21°C to heat all rooms in your home. (22 degrees if you have an infant at home). Your wallet will thank you!

Extra Trick: To complete this trick, we recommend adding a few drops of the following essential oils: Scots Pine, Eucalyptus, Raventsara, Lemon, or Tea Tree. Spreading with water vapor, these essential oils are perfect for combating the evils of winter!

Another tip to clean the air with a humidifier

air humidifier

Air humidifier. Source: spm

If you can, choose a humidifier to place on your radiators to humidify the air and save money.

Like a glass of water, the humidifier will trigger an evaporation process allowing the air to be refreshed and purified. The humidity will be more balanced and your air will be healthier for your health. Use it when your coolant is at full throttle. Some models of humidifiers may be Display the humidity level in your home The ideal rate should be between 50% and 60%. Your device will work until it reaches this rate. But also remember to air your home regularly if possible.

It’s the high temperature that dries out the air in your home, so it’s not necessary to put your heaters on full blast in the winter. The air quality will no longer be harmful to your health and you will avoid some respiratory problems.

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