The trick to making delicious, fluffy and light pancakes: just add this unexpected ingredient

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Of course, there are many techniques. But, today we will highlight the secret of pastry chef Albert Chambon, who uses an unexpected ingredient. Quickly discover this original trick for preparing succulent pancakes.

Eat a delicious pie

Eat a gourmet crepe – Source: spm

Pancakes, to fill up the energy!

Whoever says pancakes, necessarily says carbohydrates. That’s why we love them, right? If you devour it in the morning when you wake up, because it is a great source of energy for the body, you will feel good!

Everyone knows that a meal contains about 200 calories, depending on the filling and dough. Therefore, whole wheat pancakes remain the best option. In addition to carbohydrates, you’ll benefit from fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar.

Prepare pancake batter

Making pie dough – Source: spm

What is this special ingredient that a pastry chef uses?

Of course, there are many grandmother’s tips for preparing good pancakes, but let’s find out together the famous special recipe of Chef Albert Chambon.

When he wants to impress his family with his favorite childhood dessert, the chef makes pancakes using an unexpected ingredient: beer. Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Use 200 g of flour, 1 egg, 100 g of sugar, a pinch of salt, about 350 ml of milk, 200 g of nuts, 50 ml of honey, a little oil, powdered sugar … and 50 ml of beer.

How does this alcoholic drink make a difference? No, contrary to popular belief, beer will not “raise” the dough, but it will above all prevent the pancakes from drying out and will provide a lighter texture. As a bonus, the yeast will offer that soft side so much appreciated by the great gourmets.

The method of preparation is not complicated at all. A quick walnut and honey recipe, in just three simple steps.

  • Mix the flour with the eggs, sugar and salt and gradually add the milk until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Then pour in the beer and a few drops of oil. Your pancakes will be soft and not at all dry.
  • For the filling, add the walnuts to a frying pan without oil. Let them cool and then mix them with honey.
  • There you go: you can serve crepes that are folded, rolled, and stacked…so use your imagination to create the original shapes.

NB : Which beer should I use? Forget one that’s too hot or bitter, it’s best to opt for a white, wheat-based, or low-fermentation beer.

Flip the crepe over to the skillet

Frying a crepe on a frying pan – Source: spm

How to prevent pancakes from sticking to the pan?

This is the biggest drawback when preparing pancakes. We think we gathered all the ingredients to make the perfect dough, but now it ends up sticking in the pan. Whether you’re making a simple pancake recipe, or the one with the beer mentioned above, there’s a trick that will help you flip it more easily in the pan without any sticking.

Here’s the proven method: add 50g of butter (one cube) to 500ml of dough. Mix all your ingredients well before you start cooking. Butter will not only prevent the pancakes from sticking, but as a bonus it will give the pancakes a special taste. And don’t forget to grease the entire pan just enough.

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