If you still have this iPhone in your locker, know that it can fetch you €40,000

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Some collectors are still willing to pay top dollar for rare and antique items. Apple-branded phones are no exception. It is a first-generation smartphone released in 2007, which has gained great value, as reported by the newspaper BFM TV.

What is the value of the first generation iPhone?


iPhone phone. Source: spm

The first iPhones were born in 2007 and revolutionized the mobile sector. An online sale offer organized by an American auction company for future buyers of a first generation iPhone, released in 2007. The auction has begun At $2500.

  • iPhone is sold in its original packaging

Perhaps it was the antique aspect and rarity of the device that attracted buyers as the sale ended at nearly €40,000 for this first generation iPhone 2G. The stakes increased dramatically and the smartphone was kept in its packaging and was never marketed, and it was sold for a staggering amount. iPhone 2G is up for sale for two weeks. Originally, This iPhone has 8GB of memory It was sold for $599 in the mobile market.

  • iPhone with little memory and no 4G and no front camera


iPhone phone. Source: spm

This coveted iPhone was sold for $39,339 or nearly 40 thousand euros. Today’s iPhones have all the latest features of the best smartphones as well as all the apps. But this iPhone 2G is too late. In fact, the old phone was never used. With 8 GB memory, The owner cannot do muchUnlike the iPhone 14, which is marketed today with a storage space of more than 250 GB. The auction winner must be satisfied with the basic applications of This smartphone because it does not have the App Store. It should be satisfied with system apps like Notes, Weather, Calendar or Safari. In addition, the App Store appeared in 2008 only on the iPhone 3G.

2G smartphone also does not allow to take pictures Because it does not have a front cameraWhich came in 2010 only with iPhone 4. There are other features not available in this phone like Siri voice assistant which was only launched in 2011, sending MMS which came out in 2009 or customizing its wallpaper. From the year 2010.

The differences between first generation phones and smartphones with new technologies make it possible to gauge the evolution of the Apple smartphone and the impact of the iPhone on the latest innovations in the mobile field.

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