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Highlights are still one of the trendiest ways to color your hair, even though they’ve been associated for a while with all of kitsch. Now they are in their favour again, albeit in a slightly modified form.

Well-made locks can give a hairstyle expressiveness and even volume. Also, you do not have to completely dye your hair, and you still feel that a lot has changed in the hairstyle.

In the ’90s, highlights were very fashionable! Later, when we decide to do it, we see ourselves as tasteless :).

However, wicks returned to their preference, albeit in a slightly different version.

For whom is this type of coloring suitable? In short everyone! The most important thing is that no matter what color your hair is, you can refresh your hairstyle without completely dyeing it.

Highlights also add volume to the hair, and the hairstyle is usually very natural and very light.

However, you must remember to combine colors in the right way. For example, dark hair goes well with red, gray or caramel. With blond hair, you have to be more careful.

Even though fall is slowly coming to an end, you’re still looking for inspiration to color your hair this season.

Since there are highlights and highlights in recent trends, we decided to make a gallery of ideas for you.

You will find something for owners of black hair and lovers of shades of blond. There are short and long straight and curly hair. Something for everyone! ?

We encourage you to watch and get inspired! Profiles are a very good option for every woman.

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