What is the cylinder on the laptop cable? Unknown function but very useful

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What is the use of the cylinder on the laptop charger?

Charge your laptop

laptop charging – source: spm

All the small moving parts in a laptop such as the hard disk, motherboard, video card and many more spin and vibrate with the ability to produce radio frequencies.

But, on the end of your laptop’s power cable, there’s also an important detail: it’s the cylinder, also called the “ferrite core”. It is used to avoid overvoltages and strong changes in the electric current passing through the cable. That is, each metal wire can be an antenna, because it ends up absorbing and emitting radiation due to the passage of electricity. Thus, the ferrite block will mitigate some of the interference by reducing electromagnetic noise.

Can we do without this cylinder on the cable?

The charger is connected

The charger is plugged in – Source: spm

Without the drum in a laptop cable and other electronic devices (such as a smartphone or even a camera’s USB cable), radiation from the wires can cause interference to the computer screen itself. – Even, for example. It can also be seen as noise on the speakers, when you hold your cell phone close to it.

The interesting thing is that there is no sharp technology inside this drum on the cable. In fact, the ferrite coating plays an important role: it is, in fact, a kind of medium, which aligns the radiation in different directions, in order to avoid all kinds of interference that arise from surrounding devices. Concretely, this piece will pick up noise and convert it into heat. Thus, the closer the cable cylinder is to the source, the more effective its task!

What you need to understand is that the roller on your computer cable is a very inexpensive and simple way to manage the proximity of different electronic devices running at the same time. This saves you from any potential degradation in your laptop’s performance.

good to know : By cutting the plastic covering a ferrite core, you will find another metal cylinder inside. This piece absorbs and emits all kinds of radiation as current continues to flow through it.

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