If your credit card code is on this list, you’d better change it, you’re taking a risk

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Basic rules to put into practice

More and more people are abandoning the idea of ​​having cash in their pockets, and largely preferring to pay with credit or debit cards. So much so that this trend has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of thieves and criminals who are multiplying the means to try to empty bank accounts. To avoid becoming a victim of this as much as possible, you have a major solution: It is highly recommended that you change your credit card code. This is the famous four-digit PIN between 0000 and 9999. This is the main security measure for credit cards.

Thus, specialists recommend not to bet on specific dates associated with special occasions (date of birth, for example) when determining your PIN code. In fact, nowadays, online, it is very easy to access your personal data. As a precaution, experts also recommend changing this code every three or four months. Needless to say, it is always better to memorize it and not write it in your wallet next to your card.

What are the least secure PINs?

Type the PIN code

Enter the PIN Code – Source: spm

Know that the security of the PIN code affects not only the card holder, as this code is also stored in the system of the bank that issued the card. Moreover, it is sent in encrypted form every time you make a transaction with your card. Keep in mind that this code is the key to your money deposited in the bank. Without it, you cannot withdraw your tickets from an ATM. Considering the drawbacks of magnetic stripe technology and the ease of copying cards, a PIN is still a safe bet for your money in the bank.

Nick Berry, a data scientist at Facebook, made a list of the least secure passwords, some of which are very common and common. The frequency ratio is indicated in parentheses: 1234 (10.71%); 1111 (6.02%); 0000 (1.88%); 1212 (1.2%); 7777 (0.75%); 1004 (0.62%); 2000 (0.61%); 4444 (0.53%) or 2222 (0.52%).

You’ll understand, for your own security, that if your credit or debit card number appears on this list, it’s time to change it.

Here are the combinations recommended by the expert

Insert your card into the ATM

Inserting your card into an ATM – Source: spm

Conversely, Nick Berry points out that the least used credit card PIN codes are often the most secure. You may be able to take inspiration from them to edit your own.

Here is a non-exhaustive list: 7063 (0.001131%); 6093 (0.001131%); 6827 (0.001101%); 7394 (0.001101%); 0859 (0.001072%); 8957 (0.001042%); 9480 (0.001042%); 6793 (0.001012%) or 8398 (0.000982%).
Remember, never use a series of numbers that are easy to remember and never choose key numbers that you have already used in other contexts. Finally, never pass your PIN code to anyone, not even your loved ones!

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