How do you remove rust from clothes?

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Of course, your first idea in such a situation might be to get a clothes rust stain remover at your regular supermarket. So yes, this product may be able to overcome your current concerns, but in all honesty, we do not recommend this option. This is for a very simple reason: this type of product contains Large amounts of aggressive chemicalsIn addition, it is clearly very polluted. These toxic, and therefore harmful, ingredients regularly cause allergic skin reactions, even when they are rinsed well or come into contact with initially non-sensitive skin types. Therefore, we will give you our tips for removing rust stains from clothes using natural ingredients, which we all have at home.

Rust stains on clothes

Rust stains on clothes. Source: spm

How to remove rust stains from clothes naturally?

The first tip for successfully removing rust stains from clothes is to act immediately. Of course, washing the washing machine with your usual detergent will not have any effect: do not even try. You risk permanently incorporating the stain into the fabric fibers. Forget that idea and follow the tips and tricks here.

Salt and lemon juice This method can be used on both white and colored clothes. However, if the garment you want to get rid of the unsightly rust stain is leather, silk or suede, we recommend that you do not go through this method and rely on regular dry cleaning. In fact, there is no “homemade” method that can get rid of these stains without damaging these types of fragile and expensive fabrics.

salt and lemon

Salt and lemon. Source: spm

  • Sprinkle salt on the stain.
  • Cover everything with lemon juice.
  • Leave everything for ten minutes.
  • Wipe the area with a towel.
  • Then place the garment in direct sunlight, protected by a sheet or thin fabric.
  • Allow to dry, checking every hour that the mixture does not bleach the fabric to be treated.
  • Once the garment is dry, rinse it well in cold water and then put it in the washing machine with your regular detergent and appropriate programme. The stain should be gone.

White vinegar: This product can be a powerful ally in household chores and even in your fight against rust. When applied quickly after staining a garment, it can tackle even the toughest or most difficult signs of rust.

  • Lay the stained garment on a towel.
  • Pour white wine over the stain until the fabric is really saturated.
  • Pat the stain with a clean cloth to absorb.
  • Then place the garment in direct sunlight.
  • Once the stain is gone or the garment is dry, wash it in the washing machine with your regular detergent. Then leave it to air dry. The slick should be a thing of the past by now.
white vinegar

white vinegar; Source: spm

rhubarb : We can hardly offer you a more ecological solution to separate your clothes from those unsightly rust stains! this is The method also allows to separate more space : Whether it is a larger spot or a group of small spots, which would be tedious and time consuming to treat one by one.

  • Hold a pot or pan that could catch fire. Place the garment inside and add the required amount of water to completely submerge it.
  • Remove the garment to retain water only, so measure.
  • Place the rhubarb stalks in the water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and let the pot heat for twenty minutes. Then remove the pot from the fire and put it in a safe place.
  • Submerge the stained garment in the rhubarb water and allow it to soak until the water has cooled completely. Then remove the garment and wash it as usual. It’s a safe bet that the stains will be completely gone!

Marseille soap and steam: This last method is again very simple, but very effective. It’s worth getting tested when you refuse to let the clothes you care about end up in the scrap heap.

  • Heat a pot of water until steam is released. Be careful not to risk burning yourself.
  • Place the stained cloth over the steamer for two to three minutes. The steam should help remove the rust residue.
  • Then scrub the stain with Marseille soap (or scrub with black soap).
  • Rinse with cold water and wash in the washing machine as usual.

We hope you found one of these 4 natural ways to remove rust stains from clothes helpful!

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