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How to clean lime from the shower head?

On shower walls, faucets, or shower head, limestone builds up quickly. No need to use chemicals and toxic products. With this trick, get rid of limestone on your shower head in two or three steps.

Shower head – Source: spm

Infallible technology for a flawless shower head

Getting rid of the scale buildup responsible for clogging your shower head nozzles can be a breeze, thanks to one of the ingredients we keep mentioning in every self-respecting grandmother’s advice. Moreover, there is no need for household products on the market to address the buildup of white marks on hand showers. Because although it may seem difficult to remove at first glance, a little baking soda Enough to get rid of it completely. Here is a super easy way to use to restore shine to your shower head.

Baking soda technology to remove scale from the shower head

Sodium bicarbonate is a household product that is suitable for a large number of surfaces. It can remove grease, absorb odors, clean dirt spots and more! To use it on top of a shower head, you will need:

bicarbonate of soda. Source: spm

Soak the toothbrush in the above-mentioned mixture of ingredients and then rub it Hand showers are prone to snags. Of course you can disassemble the latter before treating it to clean it properly.

If you want to get the most out The anti-scaling power of baking soda, It is best to let the substance act for at least 30 minutes. Then hold the brush again to remove dirt and hard water deposits. This should be enough to remove the stains and limescale, but if you find it necessary, repeat the process. Finally, proceed to thoroughly rinsing the shower head with hot water.

Shower head cleaning – Source: spm

What if you had a fixed shower head?

If you can’t remove the shower head, there is a creative solution that consists of using white vinegar And a medium sized plastic bag. Fill the bag with white vinegar and tie it around the spray head with a hair tie or regular rubber band, making sure it is securely attached. Let it act for 3 to 4 hours or even overnight and then remove the bag before rubbing the shower head with your used toothbrush. You can also use a spray bottle if the limescale doesn’t seem too cumbersome. Then spray and rub the area gently before rinsing it off with warm water.

Finally, if the challenge is more difficult than expected, use baking soda as a supplement to the vinegar technique. A mixture of water and baking soda may be enough to scrub the remaining stains with a toothbrush. To restore the shine of the shower body. Repeat if necessary until you are satisfied with the result, then finish with a microfiber cloth. No need for bleaching!

Note that if you can’t stand the smell of white vinegar, you can always add it A few drops of essential oil Or lemon juice and enjoy a pleasant aroma.

It is difficult to abandon a product such as baking soda to treat different areas of the house. This tip is also an opportunity to remember that it is an excellent descaling product.

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