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Can you boil the same water twice in a row?

Let’s find out, through this article, whether it is advisable or not to boil water twice in a row.

Fact Check: Can You Boil Water Twice in a row?

boiler. Source: spm

You may use a kettle to heat water to make tea or coffee. But will boiling water several times in a row affect our health? It may happen that while heating the water in the kettle, you forget to use it and end up getting cold. In this case, you tend to turn the kettle back on again to boil it a second time in a row. According to some urban legends, by boiling the same water twice, it can contain toxic substances such as arsenic and fluoride. But rest assured, it will only be receiving ideas. We will explain why.

Boil the water twice in a row and the false information

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Boiling water twice in a row will have serious consequences for health and toxic substances can form in it. Some of the ideas presented claim that IThus the water becomes a carcinogen and thus harmful to health. but, No scientific source has been able to confirm this These allegations, which are false. According to an article published by the Swiss information website RTS, nitrates that form in water will be free of danger to man. On the other hand, the danger of fluoride is associated with the excessive use of fluoridated toothpastes. Moreover, the water boils twice in a row, it cannot produce arsenic between the first and second boiling. In fact, If the initial water contains Arsenic, meaning that it is unfit for consumption and could be dangerous to your health. Therefore, boiling the water several times will not promote the formation of arsenic in it.

Boiling water twice in a row increases mineral salts

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As shown on the website of the Municipal Libraries of the City of Geneva, researchers from the Water Laboratory of the Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG) Claim that boiling water two or more times in a kettle can promote mineral buildup and scale deposits. As a result, there may be a greater risk of desquamation, but without any risk to health.

How do you maintain a kettle after boiling water?

To clean and descale the kettle, you can use natural products. to do this, feel free to uUse white vinegar and hot water to completely remove the scales. Prepare a solution with equal parts water and white vinegar and fill the kettle halfway. Bring the kettle to a boil and let the mixture sit for 30 minutes or overnight, if desired. After that, empty the kettle and rinse it with clean water. Return the kettle to a boil and pour the water back in. Repeat the process to completely remove the vinegar. You can also replace white vinegar with baking soda and get the same result.

Now you know that you can heat the same water multiple times in a kettle without putting your health at risk.

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