Why is it smart to put aluminum foil behind a wireless router?

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Sure, you can get around this problem by purchasing a more powerful router or Wifi extender to amplify the signals. But it can be expensive! Fortunately, there is a practical and much cheaper trick to boost your Wifi router. Let’s find out!

Enhanced WiFi connection with aluminum foil

internet distributor

Internet distributor. Source: spm

Many of us know that WiFi signals in the home are transmitted via radio waves. Besides, other home appliances use radio waves, such as a router.

Aluminum cans and foil benefit from a shiny face that acts as a reflector. This face can actually reflect and transmit radio waves at a wider range.. This interesting phenomenon was confirmed after a study conducted by researchers from Dartmouth College, a private university in the northeastern United States. This paves the way for further studies in this direction!

How can I make WiFi signal stronger at home using aluminum?

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Internet distributor. Source: spm

With aluminum foil, there are several ways to strengthen the WiFi signal. Find out the simplest thing you can do right now in your home!

You will need the following items:

  • aluminum foil (or aluminum can)
  • A small box (or the box that the router came in)
  • Adhesive tape

First, stick the aluminum foil to the surface of your box. Its size should roughly match the size of the router. If you still keep the box that the router came in, it should replace your little one. Make sure the aluminum foil extends over all surfaces. Use masking tape or glue to keep it flat.

Then put the box behind the antennas. That’s it ! You can then run internet speed tests to see the difference.

Best wifi signal

The best WiFi signal. Source: spm

In the event that you prefer to use an aluminum can, you should follow this process: Wash the can first. Then cut the top and bottom with strong scissors or a knife. Be careful not to hurt your hands! After this work, you will end up with a hollow cylindrical box. Now cut the spool vertically to get a flat sheet. Finally, put this paper behind your router or antennas to strengthen your wifi signal. You can use tape to install it.

We still recommend you to choose aluminum foil Instead of a pulley, maneuvering is simpler and less risky.

That’s it, you can now apply this trick To take advantage of a stronger WiFi signal!

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