The batteries in the remote control are empty? The trick to help you when you’re flat

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You will no longer have to get up from your sofa and switch channels just because your batteries are dead and you only have smaller batteries on hand.

Why should aluminum foil be placed in the remote control

You likely have aluminum foil buried somewhere in your pantry. If you only use it to wrap certain foods or cover a baking tray, know that it can be used in a completely different way. In fact, you can use it to power the remote control batteries. In any way ? Thanks to these two methods we will show you.


far. Source: spm

Method 1:

what do you need :

  • small batteries
  • aluminum foil.

How to proceed?

  • Cut the aluminum foil into two small pieces.
  • Turn each piece into a ball.
  • Insert the small batteries.
  • Place each of the balls to fill the space between the battery and the spring, then close the battery compartment.

Second method:

This second method also involves using aluminum foil to run the remote control on smaller batteries. To do this, all you have to do is wrap them in aluminum foil, so they get the right length, and then put them in place.

  • Why does aluminum foil work?

This trick works because aluminum foil is a conductor of electricity. So it allows current to flow between the remote control and the battery without any problem. So, while you wait to get suitable batteries for you, this solution will temporarily solve your problem.

Put aluminum foil in the remote control battery compartment

Put aluminum foil in the remote control battery compartment. Source: spm

How to fix defective buttons on the remote control with aluminum foil?

Another frequently encountered problem with the remote control is, of course, the buttons that no longer work! Malfunction usually caused by dirt and dust buildup or signal transmission problem. In such a case, know that there is a trick that will remedy this problem in just a few minutes. All you need is a small piece of aluminum foil, a tea towel, a screwdriver, a cotton swab, alcohol, and double-sided tape.

How to proceed?

Important : Before you begin, take a picture of your remote control so that you remember where each button is.

  • Remove the batteries.
  • REMOVE THE REMOTE: Simply unscrew the screws and remove the keyboard from the case. If the remote control does not have screws, simply force gently with a hard plastic blade if necessary, to separate the two parts of the remote control.
  • Wipe the interior surface with a clean cloth and then blow on it to remove any remaining dust.
  • Clean the circuit board with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  • Insert a small piece of aluminum foil behind the faulty studs and secure it with masking tape.
  • Finally, reassemble all parts by putting them back in place and then test the remote control.
Aluminum foil is placed above the faulty remote control button

Aluminum foil is placed over the faulty remote control button. Source: spm

Thanks to these tips, it will now be possible to operate the remote control using smaller batteries. This way, you will avoid having to go to your TV every time to change channels!

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