Starting today, a negative period begins for these zodiac signs: who are they?

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On October 25, a partial solar eclipse will occur at the same time as the new moon in Scorpio. This unprecedented stellar event will not benefit everyone. In fact, 3 zodiac signs will experience a negative period from October 24th.

Which three astrological signs will experience a negative period from October 24th?

On October 25, there will be a partial solar eclipse. This means that the moon will only partially cover the sun. During this same day, there will also be a new moon in Scorpio. The natives of these three zodiac signs may feel nervous and will have a hard time leaving their pasts behind.

  • Twins

Negative Gemini

Twins. Source: spm

From October 24, the native of this sign will feel the need to lock himself in his solitude, and work alone. Moreover, throughout this week, He will have a bad relationship with his colleagues, But also with his relatives. These tensions force him to step back, in order to clear his mind and locate the source of his annoyance. Especially since Gemini is a social sign by nature and open, Who enjoys the company of others. Furthermore, he is appreciated for his sense of humor which makes him very likable. During this period, this Air sign will also have financial problems. Which exacerbates his annoyance. Little by little he will start to lose interest in his/her partner. As for Single Gemini, they wouldn’t feel like making a move for each other.

  • Sagittarius

negative arc

Sagittarius. Source: spm

The citizen of this sign will experience a period of doubt Which undermines his self-confidence. Indeed, in love, he will doubt the fidelity of the person with whom he shares his life. He will have the impression that he is the only one who is involved in this relationship. At work, Sagittarius will easily allow himself destabilizing through the statements of his colleagues. The stars advise him to trust his intuition, and not to let himself be influenced by others likely to stimulate by mistake. It is also likely that this fire sign will have some difficulties in business. He must then learn to keep his cool, To better deal with problems.

  • Aquarius

Negative Aquarius

Aquarius. Source: spm

A tense week awaits the homeland of this sign from October 24. At work, Aquarius will feel lost. He will have the impression that he is groping his way. He will not have a clear view of what is expected of him, and that is the danger to reject him in his plans. This Air sign will also sense that time is running out. The stars advise him to review its organization during this period. on the money side, Aquarius should be careful with his expenses, So you are not in the red. Over the next few days, the native of this sign will not feel comfortable with the spouses. He will make an impression To step aside for the benefit of the one he loves. This freedom-loving and independent person will also feel that their relationship is stifling him.

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